Successful Brand Marketing at SXSW Interactive


SXSW Brand Marketing

The March 2016 SXSW Interactive event was host to tens of thousands of participants – either in person or online. SXSW (South by Southwest) is held in Austin, Texas held annually during March. It began in 1987 and has grown every year to become what it currently is – a set of conferences, music festivals, interactive media, and film. In total, it lasts nine days though not all of those four areas happen for the full nine days.

In 2014, the music festival part featured more than 2000 acts and had as many as 51K registrants. The film part welcomes all levels of filmmakers and is five days of conference panels, workshops, mentor sessions, and more. In 2015, the film section held over 250 sessions and featured 735 speakers. The interactive section is focused on emerging tech. Groundbreaking ideas and creative tech are credited as having its beginning at SXSW Interactive. That part has a start-up generator, conferences, speakers, parties, and a trade show of new or updated tech offerings. Continue reading


5 Things Brands Should Know About Social Advertising


Social advertising can refer to a number of things, varying from advertising to effect social change, to using demographic information for tailoring campaigns. In this article, social advertising refers to advertising on social platforms, specifically social media. With this in mind, here are five things a brand needs to know about social advertising that could boost their campaign. Continue reading

How and Why: Getting your Product into Holiday Gift Guides


Holiday Gift Guide - 5WPR

How can you pitch your product to holiday magazine editors to get a spot in their annual gift guide? Displaying your products not only can lead to a growth in sales, but it can help spread brand awareness at the same time.

However, as gift guides become fewer in number, so too are the number of available slots offered to products. Not only this, but publications each have their own price points and specific themes, which further narrows the field. Continue reading

Why Consumers WANT Healthy Food and WHY They Will Pay More For It




Keeping with the health trends of the mid-2010s, today’s food manufacturers have recently vowed to keep supermarkets around the country stocked with natural, vitamin-packed selections. As a matter of fact, Euromonitor, the British-based market research company, has estimated that sales of healthy food products around the world should reach $1 trillion as early as 2017. The category is picking up some serious steam after dipping in the market during previous decades, and health-conscious eating is now considered much more than a passing fad. Continue reading

When Should a Start-up Bring in a PR Agency?


Startup Public Relations - 5WPR

New businesses are easy to run in the beginning. An owner or pair of owners can complete most tasks on their own, but there comes a time when the owners cannot do all the work for themselves. Hiring a staff helps cut down on the work that must be done by the owners, but the marketing of the business cannot be left to a single employ who works in the office. You must bring in a PR agency to aid the marketing of your business, and you must choose the right time to bring in the marketing agency. Continue reading

7 Lessons for First Time Public Relations Managers


Public Relations Manager - 5wpr

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), PR professionals work in almost every industry in America. In fact, they have over 20,000 professional members and 10,000 college members. The PRSA defines public relations as a strategic communication method that manages relationships between the public and target organization. Below introduces seven important lessons for new public relations managers.

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Twitter’s CEO Search: How Does this Affect the Brands Public Persona?


Twitter CEO Public Relations - 5WPR Erika Kauffman

Twitter’s search for a new CEO will change the public’s perception of the company permanently.

Twitter is not a passive entity anymore, and their shakeup shows the public how volatile a large social media company can be. People in America may not know the name of Twitter’s CEO, but the search for a new CEO will raise the profile of the company internally. Everyone in America will know what happens on the inside of Twitter, and Twitter may not be as fun as it once was.

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The Media Agency of the Future



The world of marketing has certainly changed. While television shows such as Mad Men showed what life was like at an advertising agency in the 1960s, today’s agencies have expanded their capabilities by leaps and bounds.

With the rise of social media, search engine optimization, and online content, there is much that goes on in an agency. Yet despite the many changes that have taken place, many more will take place in the years ahead. The future agency, while having a number of similarities to current agencies, will also be far different in many new and exciting ways.

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The Simple Step that Will Improve Any PR Game


improve public relations - 5WPR

The field of public relations always seems to be about tricks. The PR agents who get all of the attention are the ones who incorporate the outrageous campaigns that are completely over the top. However, this winner-take-all crash and burn strategy fails 10 times for every time that it works. There is a much more effective step that will improve the PR game of virtually any agent or agency.

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Breakdown of Adobe’s Latest Study on Millennial Marketers


erika kauffman on millenial marketers

A survey that Adobe conducted recently among millennials aged 18 to 34 has a mostly positive message with a word of warning for people entering the field of marketing. It’s common knowledge that the most important area of marketing has become the digital world, and advertisers simply can’t be successful any longer without a strong understanding of the ways that people use technology in their daily lives.

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Turks & Caicos to switch Time Zone to Increase Sunshine and PR


Destination Publicity with Travel PR

When it comes to tourism, some countries create interesting and attractive travel public relations ploys to increase their touristic traffic. Some cities such as Rome, Paris, New York City, or Tokyo do not have to try as hard to attract tourists, as the cities are famous just from their sheer existence. But what happens to smaller, less traveled countries that rely on tourism as a major part of their economic foundation, like the Maldives for example.

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Two Strategies to Add to Your Social Media Arsenal


social media arsenal erika kauffman

As your business ventures into the online marketing world,you will likely be approached by companies looking to sell you, sometimes literally, on some particular social media marketing techniques, many of which take much more time, effort and money on your part. Yet, many of these companies ignore two of the best tips for improving your effectiveness on social media.

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Four PR tips for a New Entrepreneur


new-entrepreneurWith a smart public relations strategy, an entrepreneur can build a company quickly. There are so many methods to consider and some end up overwhelmed. There is no reason to fear and a smart entrepreneur can do well without a background in PR.

Here are 4 PR tips for a New Entrepreneur

Assess and Plan

While tempting, a business owner should not dive in and spend money without researching. Instead, before proceeding, an entrepreneur must strategize for his or her future. For starters, one should know what they want out of their public relations strategy. Just as importantly, when strategizing, you will have to think of the cost. While it is not fun to run the numbers, you must know what will work and will not work for your budget. Then, with a simple plan, you can take your next step with confidence.

Establish a Calendar of Events

With a PR campaign, you will want to hit them often and early. It is hard to do this at first as some companies will need to limit spending. However, to find excited clients, you need to make a schedule. You must first set up a news release calendar. Then, you should build more leads with media companies. With a few leads, you can showcase your product and reach out to people all over the place. Once you have a list and a few dates lined up, you are on your way to enjoying the benefits of public relations.

Tone down the Writing and Advertisements

With public relations, you need to tone down your voice. It is unwise to promise the world and offer everything. One mistake, or perceived mistake, can set you back a long time. Instead, when writing news releases or interviewing, you should provide information and ideas to your listeners. Otherwise, if you try to push people to spend money, you will bother them.

Measure Results

Finally, with any PR campaign, you must track your results. With tracking software, you can see what works and what fails. This will save you time and money as you will not waste money on ineffective strategies.

With these four tips, you can build your public relations strategy and get the most out of your time. Remember, PR is a time-consuming task. You should invest wisely and make sure to find the most effective campaigns for your organization.

Public Relations Strategies vs. Tactics


tactics-vs-strategyWhen it comes to company public relations, you first need to set goals. Perhaps your goals involve the amount of stories about your company shared on social media. Perhaps they involve the amount of stories published on news sites by professional journalists. Whether you hope to accomplish these or other business endeavors entirely, this goal is called your objective.

PR Tactic versus PR Strategy

To reach your objective, you have to come up with strategies. Strategies are ideas about how to handle public relations. Next you have to employ tactics. Tactics are your company’s direct actions.

Media Strategies

For an effective media strategy, you need to draw attention to your business. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by using current events. For example, different holidays such as Valentines Day and Halloween can cause all kinds of buzz in the media.  So can developing news stories about natural disasters.

Other Strategies

You can use PR outside of the media, strange as it may seem. Getting other companies or celebrities to endorse your product or service is one of the best ways to do so. You can also get the community involved. Strategies like emotional involvement count too. If your company has a powerful emotional hold over people, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Media Tactics

Now that you have your media strategies, you need to use tactics to employ those strategies to the greatest effect. First off, you should schedule press releases.  At first your business might aim to have a press release every month, but with expansions and a good PR team, this might even be narrowed to once a week or so. You can also create promotions for people on different holidays. Student discounts  on back-to-school supplies,discounts to veterans on Veterans Day, and sales on candy for Valentines Day are all examples of this.

You can get different media outlets to broadcast about your business by using social media to post opinions on different news developments. Twitter in particular is great for real time, whereas blogging sites like Tumblr create a good place for more in-depth information.

Other PR Tactics

Sometimes businesses will organize events to bring attention to different subjects. For example, a business might have a charity event to benefit the homeless. This would garner positive attention from both the community and the media.

Grand openings and sales can also be great PR tactics. You should make it clear to the community that you are here to stay.

If you create additional materials to back up your political viewpoints – posters, brochures, videos, and blog posts – and distribute them via the local community and the internet, you are using a PR tactic. You can hire a PR team to create these materials, or do it yourself.

If you as a CEO have something in the world that you want to change, you can bring your business behind it. Circulating petitions and information will garner attention and traffic to your site, as well as expanding your clientele. And who knows…you might change the world exactly how you want to.