5 Things Brands Should Know About Social Advertising


Social advertising can refer to a number of things, varying from advertising to effect social change, to using demographic information for tailoring campaigns. In this article, social advertising refers to advertising on social platforms, specifically social media. With this in mind, here are five things a brand needs to know about social advertising that could boost their campaign. Continue reading


Periscope: Six Ways to Use and Leverage Live Video Streaming


Companies Using Periscope

While streaming video and social media sites are nothing new, Periscope has been making waves since its official launch. The seemingly endless marketing and promotional opportunities made possible with an app that allows for live streaming through a mobile device, as well as interaction and discussion with audiences and viewers, has the potential to be a real game changer.

Examining six companies that have already utilized the platform as part of an online marketing campaign may provide your business with a better understanding of the potential role it may play in your effort to build and improve brand recognition.
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Twitter’s CEO Search: How Does this Affect the Brands Public Persona?


Twitter CEO Public Relations - 5WPR Erika Kauffman

Twitter’s search for a new CEO will change the public’s perception of the company permanently.

Twitter is not a passive entity anymore, and their shakeup shows the public how volatile a large social media company can be. People in America may not know the name of Twitter’s CEO, but the search for a new CEO will raise the profile of the company internally. Everyone in America will know what happens on the inside of Twitter, and Twitter may not be as fun as it once was.

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Growing a Local Business in Today’s Market


Growing a Local Business - 5WPR

When you run a business in today’s technologically driven world, an online presence is crucial. It used to be good enough to have a basic website to advertise your goals, products and services. However, the Internet is tough competition for even local and small businesses. To grow your neighborhood business, use these strategies to compete at a high level in today’s market.

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Why Meerkat will Dominate Social Media in 2015



The social media darling and new app on the block, Meerkat, was all the rage at tech nirvana SXSW (that is the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, for the uninitiated) in Austin this month. Meerkat was only launched in February of 2015 but with the massive positive buzz so far, it appears that it will be dominating social media in 2015. We all know what a huge social media giant Twitter is and the weeks old Meerkat had more than half as many media mentions as Twitter at SXSW, absolutely amazing for such a new media presence. The Meerkat buzz increased more than 300 percent over the week’s event.
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Top 3 Strategies to Growing your Network using Social Media


erika kauffman social media

Without a doubt, social media is one of the most important aspects of any successful online marketing campaign. However, growing a network using social media can be quite a challenge for business that is not used to this new method of engaging customers. Here are the top three strategies to making sure that your outreach grows with every engagement online.

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The Best Marketing Move of 2015, So Far…


blue black dress white gold

Interactive marketing is no secret; in fact, interactive marketing has been alive and well as long as we can remember. Remember the days of putting your business card in a fish bowl to guess the number of Ping-Pong balls? Truth is that one of the best ways to get your customers or audience to participate or purchase is by getting them involved. In today’s day and age, rarely will you see a Ping-Pong ball-guessing sweepstakes; however, social media is currently changing the way we market by storm, which brings us to perhaps the best marketing/PR move of 2015.

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Two Strategies to Add to Your Social Media Arsenal


social media arsenal erika kauffman

As your business ventures into the online marketing world,you will likely be approached by companies looking to sell you, sometimes literally, on some particular social media marketing techniques, many of which take much more time, effort and money on your part. Yet, many of these companies ignore two of the best tips for improving your effectiveness on social media.

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Social Media for Beauty Brands


beauty brand social media

A lot of companies try to use social media to expand their brand. For many companies, a social media campaign can feel forced; for example, a hot sauce brand can only find so many things to Tweet about their product in a given week. However, for the beauty industry, social media and online marketing works so well and so beautifully that it’s a wonder they still put any effort into traditional marketing at all. Here are some ways that beauty brands are achieving success with social media.

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Effective Ways to Manage your Brands Social Media Presence



One of the most important things that people can do when using social media to market their business is to focus on new products or services regularly. This will help to build a regular following of perspective customers who are interested in seeing what a small business has in store for the next. The more marketable a business is the easier it will be for them to transition prospects into paying customers who will become loyal shoppers. This is exceptionally important for individuals were focused on throwing their business in the marketplaces.

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A Guide to Ello



While no one really knows what Ello is for, everybody still wants an invite to it. 

Currently, Ello is the hottest social network around that no one can get access to, at least not without an invitation. Designed as an alternative no-ad platform to social mega-sites like Facebook, Ello seems to be somewhat of a combination between Tumblr (you may post GIFs) and Twitter (uses “@xxx”). Ello says it’s beautiful, simple, and free of ads. Even though it’s presently an invitation-only site, it’s literally experiencing more than 30,000 sign-up requests per hour.

Why Ello is Different


What sets Ello apart from sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest? Ello claims there’s a better way to ‘socialize’. They believe that a social site should be a tool to empower people, rather than a tool to manipulate, coerce or deceive; a social place should connect people with others and celebrate the joys of life.

What exactly does Ello mean by that? Nobody on Ello even understands what it’s actually for. Some users post anime GIFs and pics of their latest fingernail fashions, while others are using it as if were a blog. Is it an “anything goes” site? Remember when people first signed-up to MySpace and ‘friended” nearly everyone they knew on the planet? Strangely enough, it’s created a sort of feedback loop of users on Ello criticizing Ello on Twitter, while users on Twitter are requesting invites for Ello. Strange, indeed.

Overall, people are tired of being a target for brands or products to bombard and are becoming more aware and suspicious of the way their personal information is being manipulated for the sake of profit. Ello claims that they’re for the people and are taking a stance against all the manipulative advertising.

Ello and Brands

Having said that, we all know that the Internet is capable of ‘crashing and burning’ in a very short amount of time when it comes to ‘hype and hoopla’. For instance, some people are poking holes in Ello’s manifesto due to brands like Sonos already signing-up with Ello. Even the co-founder of Ello, Paul Budnitz has an account for his bike shop. Isn’t the very presence of these brands on a so-called ad-free platform rather counterintuitive to Ello’s policy?

It’s theories like this that make some people suggest that Ello’s ad-free network will not be free of ads for very long, particularly since its primary funding was supplied by a venture capital firm. Undoubtedly, Ello will be drawn towards the profitability aspect, even if it means they must compromise their present values and principles.

The Complete Guide to Fitness Marketing




While there are a plethora of things fitness professionals need to do in order to ensure that their businesses are successful, fitness marketing is particularly important. This is so for several reasons, including the fact that people cannot buy fitness products and/or services that they don’t know about. In recognizing the fact that fitness marketing is important, you should note that implementing various advertising strategies can help you attain the type of professional success you desire.


Marketing Strategy and Tips for a Fitness Company


Brand Your Heart Out

Branding is an incredibly important aspect of the fitness marketing process, and for many reasons. First of all, branding is a process that enables fitness professionals to create a clear and differentiating idea of what their products and services are. Additionally, branding is a process that enables fitness professionals to catch and keep the attention of their target market. To ensure that your branding work is effective, be sure that you devise a single image, icon, and/or graphic that will represent your company. Use this single logo on promotional products and all of your advertising material (e-mail newsletters, brochures, business cards, etc.) Also be sure that you remain receptive to the idea of rebranding, the process that transpires when business owners realize that their branding efforts have been somehow ineffective and must therefore be modified in order to reach customers more effectively.

Use Social Media.

Making strategic and effective use of social media is one of the best fitness marketing techniques that your company can employ. As many social media marketing experts know, many businesses have become very proficient at selling their goods and services via social media forums like Twitter and Facebook. Since this is more than possible for fitness companies, be sure to incorporate proven social media strategies such as tweeting links to your product pages or holding contests with free promotional prizes via Facebook.

Optimize Your Public Relations Department.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your business expands is to continually connect with your target market in personal, meaningful ways. Although there are a variety of ways that you can do this, optimizing your public relations department can be uniquely effective. In order to optimize your public relations department, be sure to hire a professional and established PR firm. When you begin the process, be sure that you’re considering firms that have many connections within the industry. In so doing, you’ll ensure that you are able to effectively communicate your organization’s message with the public in a manner that promotes brand loyalty and perpetual business growth.

Summing It All Up

If you are a fitness professional who wants to ensure that your business becomes as successful as possible, you should note that there is a systematic way you can go about accomplishing this objective. By implementing some or all of the tips and tricks listed above on a regular basis, you will likely find that your fitness marketing efforts entail the type of perpetual expansion that you want for your business.