Engineering a Viral PR Campaign


viral content

A lot of people believe having content go viral is a fluke, just a one-off thing that happens and can’t be controlled. Though it is true for some viral content, it is also true there is common ground among most viral content and making certain any PR campaign with the goal of going viral checks all the boxes is the best way to guarantee a viral outcome. Continue reading


Media Impressions: Beyond Traditional PR


media impressions

While Public Relations is an important part of any medium or large business, the field is rapidly changing in the age of the internet. In the past, the media was composed of a handful to TV networks and major newspapers that controlled the message. A discreetly placed phone call to a top executive in one of these influential channels could turn the tide by promoting more balanced coverage of your clients. You only needed to connect with a handful of the most powerful industry executives. Continue reading

Growing Gourmet: A 5WPR Food and Beverage PR Event


Growing Gourmet - 5W Public Relations Food and Beverage PR Event

Over forty industry experts were guests in attendance at the 5W Public Relations event Growing Gourmet. The insight sharing event was for the industry’s leading thought leaders to close out the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show.

The event hosted a panel discussion with industry experts George Duran, celebrity chef & author of “Take this Dish and Twist It,” Charles Passy, writer for Wall Street Journal &, Jaclyn London, MS, RD & CDN, Nutrition Director for Good Housekeeping Institute and Stephanie Cain, contributor to Brides, Esquire and Specialty Food News. For a full event recap, checkout Growing Gourmet on the 5WPR blog!

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Why Meerkat will Dominate Social Media in 2015



The social media darling and new app on the block, Meerkat, was all the rage at tech nirvana SXSW (that is the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, for the uninitiated) in Austin this month. Meerkat was only launched in February of 2015 but with the massive positive buzz so far, it appears that it will be dominating social media in 2015. We all know what a huge social media giant Twitter is and the weeks old Meerkat had more than half as many media mentions as Twitter at SXSW, absolutely amazing for such a new media presence. The Meerkat buzz increased more than 300 percent over the week’s event.
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Rethinking Public Relations in 2015


public relaitons in 2015

Once, public relations might have been secular and relatively static. Today, public relations requires a proactive, competitive range of creative ideas and planning. The marginal effectiveness of public relations is insufficient to the enormous expansion of promotions and publicity in what may be the widest scope of media. Evergreen public relations no longer fit neatly into current PR campaigns that must suit evolutionary standards of advertising and promotion.

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2014 PR News Agency Elite Awards: Marketing to Women Category Winner


Another year has passed and another group of distinguished marketing and public relations firms have been awarded the PR News Agency Elite Award. Though the winners in every category are at the top of their field, this years winner in the Marketing to Women category stands out. 

marketing-womenCongratulations to 5W Public Relations, the 2014 Marketing to Women category winner! 5W is an innovator, presenting strategies that are fresh and that place a premium on creativity, which is critical to a firm that specializes in marketing to women.

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Succeed in PR/Marketing in 2015 without Solid Footing



No matter what you are trying to sell, there’s some element of marketing and public relations that you must undertake in order to be successful. In 2015, there are ways to do this without having to have the connections that were required in previous business generations. The Internet has created a more wide-open landscape for all businesses, from the most established enterprise or the newest startup. Although the rules are becoming more solidified, there is still a great deal of ability for movement with a knowledge of marketing and public relations.

Using the Internet to Succeed in Marketing in 2015

Although having a LinkedIn account that is connected to taste makers in your industry is certainly in bags, it is not necessary to succeed in public relations or marketing. Anyone can create relationships with important taste makers without having any previous association with them. All that is truly necessary is great content and the ability to provide value for those people in return.

Content marketing is more important than ever. In the modern business landscape, a good writer with no previous connections in marketing or public relations has just as much leverage as an established enterprise level executive. As a matter of fact, the new content provider may actually have more because of their decreased overhead.

Having a Perspective

One of the main advantages of startups within an industry is the ability to bring a new perspective. Websites that have an audience that will purchase the products of a startup also have a need for a constant updating of their perspective on their industries. If you are at the forefront of a new and exciting breakthrough in the industry, you can leverage this information for lower advertising rates, free marketing and of course relationship development PR that will endear you to the audience of the webmaster more quickly.

What is especially important is to invoke a tangible personality into an informational session. The Internet today responds to people with the ability to personalize their viewpoint. Many companies have actually found that a bit of overt dramatization can go a long way in helping to create a niche for a business. Some even hire actors to present certain viewpoints.

The number one reason that new businesses are succeeding in the modern business landscape is the ability to think outside the box. Nothing is off limits; keep this in mind, and you can certainly succeed in marketing and PR in 2015 without a solid footing in business.

Where Sleep Centers are Headed in the Next Five Years


marketing-sleepLast year in 2013, the AAST (American Association of Sleep Technologists) hosted a revealing Sleep Technology Summit with the intention of recognizing key changes in the delivery of diagnostic treatment to patients with sleep disorders by identifying new positions and predicating the effect on sleep technologists to prepare them for the future. An exclusive panel of speakers was chosen to focus on the necessary business skills to supply care costs in addition to the essential clinical skills for the future sleep technologist in order to help care for individuals with sleep disorders.

Sleep Center Marketing

The Future Role of the Sleep Technologist

A group of chosen industry professionals, educators, and leaders reviewed the current circumstances and observed certain opportunities in order to maintain the profession and also redefine the future role of the sleep technologist. They were all in agreement that both economic and regulatory pressures are literally changing the way most patients with sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated. Private insurance companies are demanding pre-authorization for lab sleep studies and are encouraging home sleep testing regarding the majority of patients suspected of suffering obstructive sleep apnea. Home testing reimbursement will be considerably lower compared to lab testing. Overall, more reductions in reimbursements are expected.

These aspects will indeed diminish the need for sleep technologists to perform lab diagnostic studies while pressuring sleep centers to decrease payrolls. Testing patients will demand that technologists gain a greater level of experience, training, and general sophistication. Innovative models of combined care will ideally include more focus on patient monitoring, education, and follow-up.

New Roles in Sleep Technology

The most successful treatments will require a more patient-focused, individualized approach in treating sleep disorders in the future. Experienced sleep medicine practitioners will be in demand on many levels in order to meet treatment goals, including a few important roles for sleep technologists. In order to sustain viability as a member of an allied health profession, most technologists will require greater education as well as show ability in more key roles than just record scoring and overnight monitoring. The professional association’s challenge is to outline new roles for sleep disorder technologists and to provide the appropriate education that they’ll require to thrive in those roles.

Marketing Opportunities for Sleep Centers and Sleep Technologists

In terms of marketing and expanding their business, there are several target audiences and business opportunities for sleep centers and sleep technologists alike. In fact, there are many more opportunities in this particular field than any other healthcare specialties and medical practices today.

Public relations includes, among other tactics, planning and effectively generating healthcare publicity along with free press exposure that consists of broadcast interviews, newspaper articles, and content online. The end results appear simple, but using a leading pr agency can make a powerful and positive impact.

How Aveda Changed The Game For Beauty Companies Online



When people think of luxury haircare, they oftentimes first think of Aveda. An upscale brand under the powerful Estee Lauder cosmetics umbrella, Aveda is both a haircare product company and a leading force in the salon and spa world. While Aveda has dominated in salon and physical store sales, it also paved the path for luxury beauty brands in the online market. Here are some of the ways that Aveda paved the way in the e-commerce game.

First Luxury Haircare Brand To Enter The E-Commerce Game

Aveda truly was the major beauty brand that launched the online beauty industry. While other haircare brands had launched online storefronts during the beginning of the e-commerce boom, no major luxury brand had entered the market. Aveda was the first one to feature their products online for sale.

This was revolutionary for many reasons. Besides being able to boast that they were the first high-end brand with online availability, Aveda enabled people in rural areas or those who didn’t have access to an Aveda salon to purchase their products. This gave Aveda the distinction of being a luxury brand, but a luxury brand that was without limits and available to anyone.

Changing The Game With Online Reviews

None of the brands under the Estee Lauder umbrella initially offered online reviews when they first entered the e-commerce market. However, Aveda took the bold step of allowing their customers to review individual products on their website. This demonstrated that Aveda was confident in its product, in addition to demonstrating an eagerness to be transparent with their customers. The decision to allow reviews has paid off, as Aveda has established themselves in the online marketplace as a brand that consumers can trust.

Continuing Online Presence

Today, Aveda has established itself in the online market. They have continued their online marketing efforts, capitalizing on social media opportunities to reach their consumers directly. Aveda maintains an active Facebook and Twitter page, in addition to uploading content to YouTube. To encourage new customer business, Aveda takes advantage of online promo codes and deluxe samples offered with online orders.

Aveda continues to enjoy success, both in in-person and online business. This is a company that never fails to take advantage of online opportunities and that communicates openly with their customers online. As new media continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how Aveda uses new digital opportunities to promote and sell their brand.