5 Things Brands Should Know About Social Advertising


Social advertising can refer to a number of things, varying from advertising to effect social change, to using demographic information for tailoring campaigns. In this article, social advertising refers to advertising on social platforms, specifically social media. With this in mind, here are five things a brand needs to know about social advertising that could boost their campaign.

Images are as Important as Words

Instagram provides proof that today’s world is driven by visual connections to a large degree. To ensure ads on social media get the attention they deserve, brands should use high-quality, hi-def, and relevant images to attract their audience. In appropriate situations, brands should choose bright colors, humor can be effective.

Cheaper than You Think

While brands can post on social media for free, advertising to distinguish one brand from the rest of the competition does require a monetary investment. Thankfully, the investment is not too steep, per engagement. On Facebook, brands can boost posts or create ads for a dollar a day, and for as little as one day if they so choose.

$1 can reach up to 1000 people and boost hundreds of engagements in the form of comments, clicks, and likes. Imagine the potential for brands with bigger budgets to spare – even at $10 per day, per ad or post.

Know your Audience

Paying for sponsored posts does not mean paying for likes and comments. All Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms provide is a moment in the limelight for other people to see and interact with your content. However, what is relevant to one person is irrelevant to another. When running the ad, choose demographics that are relevant to the brand.

Companies should try to match their intended targets for ads, with the demographics their brands already attract, before attempting to expand into other markets. This information is easy to come by if the company can track demographics of their customers, or locations people visit the company website from. One of the major attractions for social media advertising is it allows companies to learn what works at almost no cost, and once they learn they can increase the level of investment.

Learn to be Brief

On Twitter, brands have 140 characters to get their story across. Facebook and other platforms may have more room, but companies should avoid going beyond 400-1000 characters (not words). It may prove tempting to spend a lot of time writing up all the best qualities of the company and its offerings, but the current market has a short attention span. Write something to the point, or break up different points into smaller ads you can release over a period. For something that requires length, try it in a blog and then you can share the blog link on your social media accounts.

Events Marketing

While most companies make use of social media ads in the form of sponsored posts, boosted posts, and ads, many companies overlook the benefits of planning and inviting customers to events in their area.

If a local business has a sale or is sponsoring an event, including the information may ensure a bigger audience on the big day.

Many brands use social media free of cost to promote their goods and services, or their talents. However, to set one brand apart from another, paid promotions come in very handy. This cheap marketing alternative helps brands distinguish themselves at a reasonable cost while connecting them directly with their target audience.

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