The War for Mark Richt Heats Up


Mark Richt College Football Public Relations Marketing

Georgia doesn’t want him, but you can bet someone does. Mark Richt, longtime head coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team, is out of a job. But he’s certainly not out of demand. Richt’s camp says he was contacted regarding at least five high-profile coaching positions, including what may be the most high profile – the University of Miami.

Other reports say, Virginia, Mizzou, and Maryland have called.

Richt might not be the first name sports fans think of when trying to come up with the best college coaches in the game. Nick Saban, Urban Meyer – those guys tend to always get mentioned first. But bring up Mark Richt, and nobody immediately dismisses him. He’s had success and staying power in what is one of the most notoriously revolving of all revolving door jobs – head football coach.

Miami might be the right fit for Richt. It’s his alma mater, which is a huge plus in the eyes of Hurricane faithful. Still, he tends to have a bit of an authoritarian style which doesn’t really play well at The U.

Mizzou may be another top contender. Richt interviewed there years ago, before taking the Georgia job. The guy Mizzou hired instead of taking Richt is retiring for health reasons, though some have speculated Pinkel’s retirement may also have something to do with the unrest at Missouri, which notoriously included members of the football team threatening to strike. Richt might have second thoughts there too. He’s not one to take too much nonsense from players, on or off the field. The sort who might just be willing to say, “Don’t want to play? Fine. There’s the door.”

The bottom line here, from a public relations perspective, is whatever happens, it will be because of Richt’s reputation as much as his resume. Regarding branding, he’s well beyond established as a personality, particularly in the world of college coaching.

He’s a known entity, so it stands to reason his best shot at coaching again will be in a place where both parties know he would be a good fit. Some schools struggle to find that in a coach. With Richt, if a school misses the mark, it will be their own fault. He’s shown you what he’s all about.

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