4 Tricks of Top Tech PR Firms


Technology PR firm

Technology companies are great at innovating and creating new things, but when it comes to PR, they often need help from Tech PR firms who work with the industry’s leading technology companies.

Here are four tricks from one of the top tech PR firms to ensure success.

Do Their Homework

By this we mean that top tech PR firms always have people working to draft up documents like case studies, and other stories and metrics that are helpful to reporters.

This also increases the chance of someone in the media picking up a story for the firm’s client. Essentially, the firm tries to make everyone’s job easier, and that helps increase their client’s image, story, and reputation in the media.

Smart PR Pitches

You can spend a lot of time broadcasting a million pitches, but maybe only one or two of those will actually be picked up by the media. Instead of blitzing the media with pitch after pitch, top tech PR firms are more calculated in the way the deliver pitches. They make sure that each pitch they deliver is relevant and well suited for whichever audience they’re making the pitch to.

They do this because if you send too many pitches to the media that aren’t relevant or well suited to the audience, you’re only going to create clutter and a bad reputation for your client, and you don’t want that. Good tech PR firms do take the time to do their research to find out the best reporters to send their pitches, and that can make a world of difference for their clients in terms of their success.

Make your Clients Stand Out

A big thing that sets the top tech PR firms away from the rest is that they know what the media wants. They know that tech reporters are looking for exciting stories about new and different things. They know that every tech reporter wants to be the one to report on the next innovative project or upcoming trends and that many would love to have the chance to speak with the leaders of successful, exciting technology companies.

They also know that these reporters receive hundreds of stories a day from other PR firms, so they know that they have to make themselves stand out. They do this by making sure they promote new, innovative products or projects their clients are working on and they strive to make their pitches sound as exciting as possible in order to catch reporter’s attention.

Not Overly Promotional

Reporters and other media outlets aren’t too fond of pitches and articles that are too self-serving. To combat this, tech PR firms that are good at their jobs make sure to incorporate attention-grabbing data, insights, any anything else that they think might be interesting or eye-catching to a reporter of their target audience.

They strive for quality content over more, more, more. This strategy helps improve their client’s reputation and draw attention to their client as well.

So if you’re a technology company looking for a PR firm to work with, make sure your do your research and find the best. If you have any questions about launching your campaign, get in touch with 5W Tech Public Relations Firm today!


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