Periscope: Six Ways to Use and Leverage Live Video Streaming


Companies Using Periscope

While streaming video and social media sites are nothing new, Periscope has been making waves since its official launch. The seemingly endless marketing and promotional opportunities made possible with an app that allows for live streaming through a mobile device, as well as interaction and discussion with audiences and viewers, has the potential to be a real game changer.

Examining six companies that have already utilized the platform as part of an online marketing campaign may provide your business with a better understanding of the potential role it may play in your effort to build and improve brand recognition.

One: Audience Participation and Interaction

Customer service can be crucial when it comes to attracting new business opportunities, acquiring new clients and ensuring that the needs of your existing customer base are able to be met.

Mountain Dew, an early adopter of the site, used Periscope to create a short video entitled “Stop By and Say What’s Up” which showcased the apps usefulness in terms of creating cost-effective ways to invite participation and feedback from customers, foster a sense of community or to promote more effective brand recognition efforts that ensure that customer service does not become an issue.

Two: Feedback Regarding Products and Services

Red Bull has already utilized Periscope in order to answer customer questions regarding the fridge-life and storage of their products. Simple and effective ways to educate customers and ensure that those who may be interested in your company’s products and services are able to find answers to their most pressing questions and concerns can be of great value. In terms of brand recognition, ensuring that current and potential customers are fully informed about what makes your company or business better than the competition is never an issue that should be left to chance.

Three: Opportunities to Cross-Promote

Spotify is using Periscope in order to promote live performances and to broadcast interviews with well-known performers and recording artists. Opportunities to cross-promote your business can often be very effective in terms of allowing you to expand your customer base and to make contact with the potential customers and future clients every business needs in order to stay competitive and successful.

Working in concert with another business, organisation or company can allow you to build and maintain the level of brand awareness and recognition that may be needed in order to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Four: Promoting Specific Events

Shoe maker Adidas utilized the Periscope app in order to provide fans with a view of soccer player James Rodriguez signing an extended contract with the company. While access to high-profile celebrities can be hard to come by, the means to promote special sales events and opportunities can ensure your existing and future promotional efforts will be met with greater success.

Access to the right tools can mean that attracting the attention and interest needed in order to ensure an effective sales or promotional campaign can be done with far greater ease.

Five: Showcasing Other Aspects of Your Business

GE used Periscope in order to broadcast a behind-the-scenes video of noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and television personality Bill Nye. The chance to demonstrate other aspects of your business or to highlight your organisations participation in local events can be extremely valuable in terms of cultivating the right image.

Businesses and organisations that fail to provide prospective customers with a more dynamic and interesting corporate image can find developing positive brand recognition to be a far greater challenge.

Six: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Brand or Image

Aliza Licht, known to her fans as DKNY PR GIRL, used Periscope to provide viewers with a look into her fashion closet as well as taking them behind-the-scenes of Donna Karan New York. Providing customers and clients with a chance to meet the people behind your company can allow you to create a brand or image that customers may relate to more easily. From major industry events to the chance to take viewers behind the scenes in order to get a glimpse of the day to day workings and operation of your business, adding a personal touch to your corporate identity can make a considerable difference in your efforts to create and maintain the right image.

Keeping Current With Marketing Tools and Resources

Innovative new technology and marketing tools that can allow companies to more easily attract and acquire new business opportunities can often be an essential asset. Social media sites, applications and services that offer cost-effective ways to interact with existing customers or to bring your business to the attention of a wider audience are never a resource that should be ignored.

While Periscope continues to generate buzz and interest, users have done little more than scratch the surface of the full-range of promotional opportunities and marketing solutions that it has made possible.


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