6 Ways To Boost Brand Awareness Using Instagram


Instagram Marketing

Despite Instagram’s lack of robust advertising options for brands, it is a wonderful place to help boost your brand awareness and catch potential customers’ attention. Instagram can be a great tool for enhancing brand awareness, generating brand loyalists as well as boosting sales.

Aiding the Success of Your Brand – Here are Six Tips to Stand Out on Instagram

Unlike Facebook, Instagram shows every one of your posts to all of your followers as long as they log in to the app. It also has video capabilities of up to fifteen seconds long. While that may not seem like much, it is actually very useful to capture attention and hold it. Interested in learning six different ways to make your particular brand stand out on Instagram? Continue reading to find out.

Instagram Tip Number One

Some of the obvious ways to up your brand’s success on Instagram are to have a detailed, attractive, and creative profile, a professional photo that accurately describes you or your brand, correctly using Hashtags, ensuring your photos “fit in” with the vibrant community of Instagram, posting regularly, knowing your target exactly and implementing that information in your posts, commenting and liking other posts to be an active part of the community, tagging a post with your brand’s location (optional), and, last but not least, tagging people within an image or asking your followers to tag a photo according to their opinions.

We suggest that your first plan of action should be to research the Instagram app itself as well as the posts that get the most attention. Research your target audience, assuming you are aware of that particular information, which you should be if you hope to have a successful brand and reputation, and what they like. Research the specific category that your brand falls under to better understand what will “fit in” with the environment you will be placing your brand within.

Instagram Tip Number Two

Your second plan of action should be to be as creative with the filters Instagram provides. What are Filters? They are the “effects” that you can add to your photos, such as “black and white.” Filters are fun and different.

They change the “feel” of a photo. If you do this correctly, and it is hard to do it wrong, followers will be more than happy to see your brand changing your photos in a unique way to catch their eye. It will not go unnoticed.

Instagram Tip Number Three

Here is the understatement of the year: quality is very important to the Instagram community as whole. Quantity is relatively effective to create a following or fan-base, but only to a certain point.

If your brand’s photos are not “up to par” or at least “good” quality according to your followers because you are posting way too often to take your time with editing, then you are taking the wrong approach. You must do the opposite. Take your time, make the photos interesting, and post them often, but not too often.

Instagram Tip Number Four

Another powerful way to capture attention and hold it is by featuring customers using your products. This will surely your brand to stand out from the rest, despite the fact that there are brands that already do that. You may be wondering that if others are doing it, why would it stand out? There are only a handful of brands that are doing this.

Most of them do not. However, this is not the best tip, considering not all brands have specific products that can be used in this way. If your brand does, by all means, use this approach and watch the magic happen.

Instagram Tip Number Five

If any successful person with a brand or business were to ask you what you thought was the best way to gain a customer, what would your answer be? Would you say something along the lines of, “By offering a discount,” or “By creatively capturing their attention so they are more likely to remember you?” If so, they would, most likely, disagree.

The most important thing to remember about customers is that you can never keep them all and they are all completely different individuals. Gaining just one customer is not enough. You need to keep that customer coming back every time. How is this done? You need to be that company that seemingly interacts with each of them on a personal level.

One way to do that is hosting contests. This is something you are actually able to do on Instagram. It is engaging and, by answering questions, or keeping them unique and rather specific to your target followers, you are helping them feel as if your brand is not a mindless company operated by robots, but a man-made community that offers assistance or a helping hand in their lives.

Instagram Tip Number Six

Our last tip is to host giveaways. Giveaways are completely different from contests, so do not get them mixed up. When you host a giveaway for your followers, there are obvious cons right alongside the pros. One of the main reasons why many brands do not like to host giveaways is because, while they may gain many more followers by doing so, there is still the important and nagging question: “Are those new followers truly loyal to my brand or only to the free stuff?” Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not this method would be a hit or miss for your particular brand.

If you are only looking for a large following on Instagram that does not necessarily have to interact with you, this is a wonderful method to achieve that goal.

Erika Kauffman is the General Manager, Partner and Vice President of NYC based PR Firm 5WPR. 5W PR has offices in New York, Colorado and California.


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