When Should a Start-up Bring in a PR Agency?


Startup Public Relations - 5WPR

New businesses are easy to run in the beginning. An owner or pair of owners can complete most tasks on their own, but there comes a time when the owners cannot do all the work for themselves. Hiring a staff helps cut down on the work that must be done by the owners, but the marketing of the business cannot be left to a single employ who works in the office. You must bring in a PR agency to aid the marketing of your business, and you must choose the right time to bring in the marketing agency.

The Release Of Your First Major Product Or Service

Your startup has worked for quite some time on your first major product, and you will need help from a PR agency to market yourself. The sales of your first product will help you fund the continuation of your business, and you can get away from a reliance on venture capital investments.

When Your Products Go Viral

Your small business could go viral at any time, and the products that go viral may catch you off-guard. A PR agency will help you deal with all the instant publicity that comes your way, and a public relations specialist will help manage your time spent on marketing. Radio and TV shows may want to interview you, Internet outlets will do stories on you and you will receive press requests from magazines or newspapers. A PR agent will help control all the things that are happening around the release of your product.

When You Must Work On Your Brand Image

The image your brand presents to the public must be formed over a long period of time, and the PR agency you hire will help you change your image with selective marketing. A PR agent will figure out how your business is perceived, and the agency will formulate a plan to make your business appear more positive in the public eye. Every step the PR agency takes will bring your business one step closer to a truly positive image.

During A Change In Your Focus

Your startup may have begun with a specific purpose that changed the moment you discovered a new product or service you would offer. Any change in the focus of your business should be accompanied by your investment in a PR agent. A PR agency will help guide your company through the tedious process of changing what your business is all about. You can tell your customers that you are making something brand new, or you can introduce yourself to the public now that you make something extremely popular.

Your business is in need of a PR agent when you know that you cannot handle all the marketing on your own. Business owners have many things they must do during the day, and you simply do not have time to work on marketing. You may hire a PR agent who will do the marketing work for your business on your behalf.

Erika Kauffman is the General Manager and Partner of NY based Public Relations Company 5W PR


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