What’s Next in Mobile Content and Content Marketing


mobile content marketing - 5wpr erika kauffman

Content marketing has exploded over the past few years, and brands are increasingly focusing on producing great content to interact on a personal level with their customers and leads. Without a content strategy, companies inevitably give up a large amount of possible business. With changing consumer preferences, such as roughly half of all internet activity going through mobile devices in 2014, marketers and content providers should plan on exploiting these statistics in order to get the most out of their efforts.

The largest reason for this change is the result of mobile devices getting better over time. Smartphones, tablets, and all devices in between have become smaller and more capable, meaning they have become better substitutes for traditional desktop computers.

But this isn’t the only major change we’ve seen in the past year; wearables are increasingly becoming more popular after finally becoming technically viable with the long-awaited introduction of the Apple Watch in April, 2015.

This begs the question: what will the future of content look like? There will be a lot of changes, and they’ll happen just as fast, if not faster, than the previous changes in marketing and technology that have occurred so far in the 21st century.

To start, content will soon be developed specifically for mobile devices instead of just being adapted to mobile. There will also be more changes to search algorithm’s like Google’s, which in the past few months started showing preference in their search rankings for websites who had a better mobile experience than for those that didn’t.

There will also be some new ways to distribute content that will become more popular over time. Many knowledgeable voices in the industry think that push will replace pull in the next ten years for interacting with consumers.

Notifications will become the primary method to interact with consumers, and an abundance of apps will be slowly phased out. The concept is for notifications to allow users to interact immediately within the notification without having to open up the app.

Erika Kauffman is the General Manager and Partner of NYC based Public Relations Firm 5WPR.


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