Twitter’s CEO Search: How Does this Affect the Brands Public Persona?


Twitter CEO Public Relations - 5WPR Erika Kauffman

Twitter’s search for a new CEO will change the public’s perception of the company permanently.

Twitter is not a passive entity anymore, and their shakeup shows the public how volatile a large social media company can be. People in America may not know the name of Twitter’s CEO, but the search for a new CEO will raise the profile of the company internally. Everyone in America will know what happens on the inside of Twitter, and Twitter may not be as fun as it once was.

Public Relations

Twitter is seen by many as a fun place to exchange information, but a battle over the CEO spot is one that makes the company look much more serious in the eyes of the public. A company that offers a social media platform cannot make itself the story without some backlash. Twitter users may not find the interface on the site perfect, but users are being given a new item to rail against in the Twittersphere. Twitter has made itself into the butt of many jokes that will be hosted on its own site.

Will It Ever Change?

Twitter will remain the same network that people use to share ideas and information, but the public’s perception of the site cannot be changed after this debacle. Twitter makes millions of dollars every day, and its users will start to see how easy it is for the site to turn their tweets into cash. A certain cynicism will come with this change at the top of the company, and the honeymoon will be over with customers who enjoy visiting the site every day.

Will Twitter Survive?

Twitter will survive for as long as the users online enjoy the site. Twitter will suffer a PR backlash, but the site itself will carry on until it is no longer useful to the people who use it most. Social media users are fickle, but Twitter will not die because of the loss of a single job. Internet users must find something else to occupy their time before Twitter is no longer relevant.

Will Twitter Change?

Twitter will change due to new management, but there is no way to know what will change until a new CEO is appointed. New management will come with new ideas that come out of the office of the CEO. Internet users should keep up with the changes at Twitter, but the news articles people read will not show the true nature of a brand new CEO until one is on the job. Something to pay particularly strong attention to is employee happiness.

Why So Much Upheaval?

Every company that is making large amounts of money wants to make more, and the CEO could be blamed for any changes in the company. The loss of even a few dollars could shake up a large business, and Twitter is just another company that needed a change. Twitter will change, but Twitter will not change until the new CEO takes office with their own ideas. The public will see the change, but their perception of the company will never be the same.


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