Growing a Local Business in Today’s Market


Growing a Local Business - 5WPR

When you run a business in today’s technologically driven world, an online presence is crucial. It used to be good enough to have a basic website to advertise your goals, products and services. However, the Internet is tough competition for even local and small businesses. To grow your neighborhood business, use these strategies to compete at a high level in today’s market.

Review Websites Reign

Being reviewed for your customer service and overall quality isn’t just for restaurants anymore. The Internet has several review websites where everyday people review all business types, from dog-walkers to computer repair shops. Advertise a popular review site, such as Yelp, and ask patrons to comment on your business after their transaction. You want as many reviews as possible on these sites. It helps your ranking on search engines and provides a feedback platform for any possible improvements. Customers won’t always voice their concerns when they initially occur, so improve your interactions by reading reviews and responding to them in a positive manner.

Local SEO Still Plays a Part

Don’t believe that SEO is going the way of the dinosaur. In fact, local SEO must be part of your website to drive appropriate traffic to your business. Add all the various neighborhoods and cities to your website that you service. Even neighborhood nicknames can help drive traffic. Use these names on different pages across the website to demonstrate your website’s dedication to the neighborhood. When a search engine scans your content, they can add you quickly to a front page regarding your business type and area.

Connect with Social Media

It’s important to note how important social media is to business reputation and visibility with customers. Start with one social media account and grow your customer base. Interact with them constantly, allowing you to become part of their lives on a frequent basis. When people are familiar with your business and reputation, you’ll be the first company they think of for their purchases. Continue to add to your social media presence by adding other sites to your daily routine. Tweet, add status updates and post pictures to keep customers informed and aware of your presence at all times.

Mobile Websites Draw Customers In

You might have the most elaborate website with perfect SEO content, but customers could still elude you. Add a mobile component to your website. These additions detect smartphones and tablets, allowing visitors to only access a basic website section. They find a simple layout on their electronic device, offering hours, locations and pertinent product information, for example. There’s no need to scroll through complex pages that are frustrating on a small screen. That mobile portion can easily bring customers in the door and lucrative sales every day.

If you don’t have the technical savvy to embark on a strong website upgrade, consider working with a consultant. These independent workers dedicate their time to mastering SEO and consistent social media interaction. Invest some funds into their expertise to see your business grow exponentially and into the next century.


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