4 Things You Can Do to Get Ahead in the Workplace


5WPR Erika Kauffman

Whether you’re an entry-level wage earner or a salaried middle manager, it’s likely that you’re interested in getting ahead at work. In order to do so, it’s critical in this day and age that you work on some universal professional skills. Here are a few simple things that you can do that can drastically improve your odds of moving up the food chain in the near future.

Take Classes Off the Clock

Regardless of what you do for a living, nothing will help you out in your professional career like ongoing education. For instance, you could take classes at a local university or community college that teach you skills that are relevant to your job. Alternatively, sites like Coursera and Khan Academy offer free and paid classes on all manner of topics.

Become a Better Writer

The ability to express yourself clearly in print is an incredibly powerful skill. Someone that can write in an articulate fashion gains an immediate reputation boost in the eyes of colleagues and superiors. Subscribe to email newsletters like Daily Writing Tips to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Meanwhile, you can take a variety of online writing classes and work on crafting better emails, progress reports and proposals.

Become a Better Speaker

Alongside powerful writing, the ability to present your thoughts orally in a concise manner is one of the best skills that you can acquire. Start by studying the tactics of professional public speakers. Practice what you’ve learned with friends or family outside of work. Taking a public speaking class on Udemy to refine your techniques is another great way to improve rapidly.

Learn How to Write Code

Once a rarefied skill, coding is becoming increasingly important for workers in every industry from construction to law. Knowing how to write apps is incredibly empowering and can help you to craft custom solutions to problems that you encounter. Start out with a free self-guided online course like Learn Python the Hard Way to get the gist of basic programming concepts and go from there.

Taking It One Step at a Time

Without a doubt, these four simple actions can radically boost your earning power given enough time and commitment. The only caveat is that you’re not going to see immediate results overnight. Attack each task in bite-sized chunks and learn a little at a time. As you gain confidence in your new-found expertise, you can apply it to your work in the most intelligent manner.


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