The Simple Step that Will Improve Any PR Game


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The field of public relations always seems to be about tricks. The PR agents who get all of the attention are the ones who incorporate the outrageous campaigns that are completely over the top. However, this winner-take-all crash and burn strategy fails 10 times for every time that it works. There is a much more effective step that will improve the PR game of virtually any agent or agency.

Do Your Homework on Your Client

If you do the due diligence on your client, then you will gain an advantage that many PR agents simply do not have. The further that you delve into the nooks and crannies of the people and companies that you serve, the easier you will find that angle that will move them in the public eye.

The Fallacy of Public Relations Strategy

There are definitely some good public relations strategy articles out there. However, most of them will not apply to you. Most of them are taken from a specific situation and placed in general terms. The fact is that the person in the article did all of the research on his client, but the generic language makes it seem as though the techniques that were born of his research will work in all cases without any research. This is the exact opposite of what you as a PR agent need to think.

As you learn an individual client, you will also learn the industry. You will be able to see the nuances about what makes a company successful in that industry. You will learn the lingo and the details of strategy that come with it. You will be able to place your assets more strategically as you understand what truly drives the attention of the taste makers in the industry.

Your Next Move

There is no downside to knowing more about your client and everything to gain. On top fo this, the information that you need to become a better PR agent is easy to find – you do not even have to ask your client. There has never been more information available on the history of, well, everybody than today. Also, think of how you will impress your client if you come into your initial meeting knowing everything about them – they will hire you out of general principle!

In short, do your homework. There are no shortcuts in this game!


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