Why Meerkat will Dominate Social Media in 2015



The social media darling and new app on the block, Meerkat, was all the rage at tech nirvana SXSW (that is the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, for the uninitiated) in Austin this month. Meerkat was only launched in February of 2015 but with the massive positive buzz so far, it appears that it will be dominating social media in 2015. We all know what a huge social media giant Twitter is and the weeks old Meerkat had more than half as many media mentions as Twitter at SXSW, absolutely amazing for such a new media presence. The Meerkat buzz increased more than 300 percent over the week’s event.

What is Meerkat

Meerkat is a new application that allows a person, group, business or other entity to stream live video over Twitter. Their simple tagline “Tweet Live Video” says it all. And as might be expected, their logo is an adorable meerkat silhouette, standing and observing as meerkats often do. Their color scheme is a graphic and retro hip taxi cab palette of black, white, and yellow.


Meerkat is trending across all forms of media from Fox News, who is already speculating about how the app will impact the 2016 election, to the Washington Post’s article about 5 interesting things about the app, to Fortune magazine’s story on the stellar Hollywood A-list of backers who are part of the app’s latest round of funding. By the way, that round of funding garnered the app about twelve million dollars, not bad for a newborn app. From Silicon Valley, to Hollywood, Austin, Wall Street and everywhere in between, the easy to use app is spreading like wildfire. After just weeks and between 500,000 and 1,000,000 users (yes, a million), large companies are taking notice and eagerly jumping on the Meerkat bandwagon.


As their tagline indicates Twitter is a huge part of the app and Meerkat ran into a large challenge when Twitter changed how the app could access a Twitter users information. Basically Twitter is now restricting the app from piggybacking on the user network but the Meerkat team has adapted to the challenge and actually gained ground by the buzz generated from the Twitter block. They are graciously adapting to the challenge. There is a new hashtag that allows the video to go to youtube and other changes will be unveiled soon.

Erika Kauffman is the General Manager at Partner at 5W Public Relations. 


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