Rethinking Public Relations in 2015


public relaitons in 2015

Once, public relations might have been secular and relatively static. Today, public relations requires a proactive, competitive range of creative ideas and planning. The marginal effectiveness of public relations is insufficient to the enormous expansion of promotions and publicity in what may be the widest scope of media. Evergreen public relations no longer fit neatly into current PR campaigns that must suit evolutionary standards of advertising and promotion.

Think Outside the PR Box
In addition to understanding the specific target market, understanding buyer needs and impulses to purchase should be studied thoroughly. For PR professionals, buyer need and purchasing impulse comprises the basis of buyer psychology.

In order to capture the buyer audience, PR professional’s must think outside the PR box from which the design of PR campaigns are produced. It’s important to hone studies in buyer psychology to produce effective methods for public relations. For example, using a hypothetical youth-oriented target market, it’s necessary to know techniques that capture the attention of this particular buyer market. The young adult age group reacts psychologically to graphical representations in media. Their preferences lie with videos that quickly detail the purpose of the sales point in a story line or plot.

Brand Publishing and Native Content
Within buyer need is relativity between brand, buyer and native content. Public relations platforms are fundamental links between presentation of a brand through advertising and the format devised by the brand creators. This is known as native content.

Buyers are impelled to purchase services or products they believe they need. Even when this is not the case, buyers convince themselves they will eventually “find” the need. Native content should encompass the platform of advertising that best suits the target market. Today brand publishing is done mostly online through the use of hi-tech media venues like websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

Storytelling Public Relations
One of the newest and most popular trends in public relations is the use of storytelling. This is a highly strategic method of holding viewers attention to ads and promotions. Buyers are attracted to public relations that utilize storytelling because buyers’ innate sense of curiosity keeps them fixed on the story within the ad. All stories begin with an introduction, a leading plot and an end. It’s anticipation of the end of the story that holds buyer attention. By developing websites based on this type of PR, site traffic increases.


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