The Best Marketing Move of 2015, So Far…


blue black dress white gold

Interactive marketing is no secret; in fact, interactive marketing has been alive and well as long as we can remember. Remember the days of putting your business card in a fish bowl to guess the number of Ping-Pong balls? Truth is that one of the best ways to get your customers or audience to participate or purchase is by getting them involved. In today’s day and age, rarely will you see a Ping-Pong ball-guessing sweepstakes; however, social media is currently changing the way we market by storm, which brings us to perhaps the best marketing/PR move of 2015.


#thedress #whatcolor is a viral debate that has people from all over the world involved and arguing about…well…about just what color that darn dress actually is. Open up any form of social media, and #thedress is there. It’s unavoidable. Some debate that the dress-in-question is blue with black lace, others claim that it is definitely white with gold lace, others even depict that the dress has literally changed colors right in front of their very eyes.

At this time, it appears that this was not an intentional marketing ploy, but whether your belief lies in #teamblackandblue or the contrary #teamwhiteandgold, one thing is for sure, someone, somewhere, is about to be very rich from the sale of an otherwise unimpressive bodycon dress. This dress, or any similar dress, is predicted to be sold out just from the sheer buzz and conversation that it has created amongst social media. It’s not just a matter of being argumentative that the dress plans to sell out, it’s the fact that people want to be involved and want their opinions heard.

Even people that claim to not care seem to be getting in on the viral debate, and for this, we have to brace ourselves for the army of similar dresses that we will be seeing at our social events in the very near future. Imagine the next wedding or prom you attend, you purchase a similar dress, snap a selfie, and post to Instagram or Tumblr with a caption like, “@taylorswift13, I’m pretty sure this one is blue and black!”

If there is anything that we have learned here, it’s that if you want to create a marketing frenzy, or even just to tear families, friends, and colleagues apart, just simply start by posting your product to Tumblr and ask for opinions. Your move internet.

Erika Kauffman is the General Manager and heads the Fashion PR division at 5WPR.


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