Using Your Time Wisely: Automation in Public Relations


automate pr processs

Although very enjoyable and rewarding, public relations can often be a very strenuous and stressful job. With the many requests coming in from various clients, its difficult to keep track of everything or perform each task to the best of abilities. By automating several of these tasks, it will ensure a smooth flowing of business. Below are 3 tasks that can be automated in public relations.

Scheduling Social Media Updates

If a public relations associate or coordinator is too busy putting together press releases or pitching reporters, they can often forget to update clients social media platforms and even their own. Today instead of making social media an everyday tasks, there are several social media software that have scheduling and automated update accessibility.

Services like Buffer and Hootsuite allow any individual to schedule a number of future social media posts and even have capabilities that allow one to examine analytic information. Need to schedule some graphics for Facebook and some tweets for Twitter and have them all upload each day next week but don’t have sufficient time to do so? Use a automated system to handle it.

Automating Pitches and Email Responses

Automating pitches and email responses are big tasks of public relations agencies. Sometime it can be impossible to craft unique messages to each media influencer, especially when you have a lot of clients. By automating messages through platforms like Buzzstream,individuals can stash in pitches and send them to various influencers. As far as email responses, this can come in handy because you never want to leave an influencer without a response; it could be a valuable missed opportunity. 


The press releases that clients have public relations coordinators put together need to have evidence that they are generating business and by automating analytics, one can provide the proper proof on a selected times basis. Automating analytics can also provide a way for clients to see how many people clicked on the link of specific pieces and even if its been shared via social media. Platforms like Google Analytics can provide all of this information and just by automating it, public relations firms don’t have to worry about having one of their employees monitor analytics everyday.

Public relations is a field driven by the effectiveness of the people performing it but thanks to technology, several of its core tasks can now be automated. These are just 3 of the many tasks automatic capabilities.

Erika Kauffman is the General Manager at 5WPR in New York City.


One thought on “Using Your Time Wisely: Automation in Public Relations

  1. meredithstclair

    I think automation is really useful for time-saving. As far as social media automation goes, as long as the content is thoroughly thought out before hand it works. I think it’s important to monitor social media quite frequently, however, due to how fast followers can share content. If something goes wrong or is incorrect, it takes much less time to spiral out of control.

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