Two Strategies to Add to Your Social Media Arsenal


social media arsenal erika kauffman

As your business ventures into the online marketing world,you will likely be approached by companies looking to sell you, sometimes literally, on some particular social media marketing techniques, many of which take much more time, effort and money on your part. Yet, many of these companies ignore two of the best tips for improving your effectiveness on social media.

1. Remember the Power of the Visual: A picture is worth a thousand words

Even more so than print advertising or even banner ads on websites, social media marketing works best when images are incorporated into your posts. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, where written posts can sometimes lead to success, photos and other graphics are often the most effective ways to get your audience’s attention. Other sites, such as Tumblr and Pinterest have layouts designed to feature images.

The biggest potential pitfall for digital marketing is using a photo or image that is not original. Finding an interesting visual post to encourage new visitors to your site doesn’t have to be difficult. You could post images of the preparation or decorations for an upcoming event. Teaser shots of parts of new products could also generate the kind of buzz you want.

2. Timing is Everything: Find the studies, learn when the best times to post to Facebook and Twitter are

When it comes to getting the most attention for your content on social media, you need to be certain that you are posting your photos, announcements, coupons, or comments at times when they are likely to be seen. Periodically, studies on the top social media accounts will uncover the best times to post based on the number of views and shares that content gets at a particular time of day or night.

A quick search online can point you to these studies so that you know what times will give you the most bang for your content on each site; not all sites will have identical schedules. Since many sites have an option to schedule posts, you don’t need to rearrange your entire schedule to accommodate two, three or more social media peak hours.


Keep your audience’s interest with visual posts and to time your content to cast the widest net. Learning the ins and outs of social media marketing can seem overwhelming at times, but these two tips are certain to help you make the best of your content and your time in creating it.


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