Top Strategies for Email Marketing in 2015


erika kauffman email marketing 5wpr

Creating a steady and growing email list is not always a simple task, regardless of the overall popularity of your business or brand. Utilizing a few email marketing strategies is highly beneficial when looking to expand your reach while obtaining and keeping customers interested in newsletters and blasts you have to share.

Research Your Target Market

Determining the target market and demographic you want to pinpoint is necessary to launch successful email marketing campaigns. Setting goals of reaching specific individuals based on age, location and even gender is extremely beneficial when moving forward with paid or free email marketing services.

Learn More About Future Trends

Get educated on the current and future trends within your market to stay ahead of competition and those who are also working on similar products, services and companies. The more informed you are of the latest trends, the easier it is to implement content that is useful and interesting to those who subscribe to your newsletter.

Schedule Email Newsletters

Scheduling email newsletters and campaigns is also highly advisable when looking to expand your reach while gaining traction with your brand. Sending a newsletter once a week, bi-weekly or once a month is appropriate to avoid spamming your users and keeping individuals from subscribing to the list themselves.

Include Outgoing Links

Including outgoing links within the newsletters you send out is a way to get readers back to viewing more content and the products you have to offer on your official website. Keeping outgoing and inbound links directed to your website within newsletters allows easy access to additional information about your business, especially for those who are new subscribers to your list.

Stay Interactive With Subscribers

Communication is a key element to focus on when building a newsletter and subscriber list. Staying interactive with subscribers is possible by asking questions, sharing surveys and inquiring about your customer’s experiences or personal stories that are relevant to your brand. Adding content from real readers helps build brand credibility and a reputation that your company is trustworthy to subscribers.

The more you know about up and coming trends within the email marketing industry, the easier it is to reach out to new potential followers, customers and leads. Taking the time to ensure you minimize spam while providing insightful and interesting content is key to taking any industry by storm, whether you are promoting an existing business or looking to build a brand new start up.


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