Strategic Healthcare Communication and You


erika kaffman 5wpr healthcare

There are many things a medical professional must consider when they are trying to communicate important information to their patients. It is essential but that the patient feels comfortable with the information they are receiving so that they can create the best possible action plan for recovery. Understanding how to provide truthful information while still providing a safe environment for patients to ask questions is essential to be able to provide quality care.

Direct And Friendly Communication

A medical professional must be able to build trust between themselves and their patients before delivering sensitive information. This means that the professional must take an interest in the overall life of the patients so that they can build trust with them. Making eye contact is another important factor in communicating sincerity with the way in which information is going to be delivered.

Language should be utilized which allows the patient to understand their medical condition in clear and simple terms. The amount of information given should be easy to digest so that people do not become overwhelmed with all of the potential problems which can arise during the treatment process.

Speed Of Speech

A medical professional must choose to speak slowly and concisely in order to deliver the information. Overwhelming a patient with too much information can lead to an alteration of the treatment plan which is detrimental to the health of the patient. Furthermore words must be chosen which do not have multiple meanings so that confusion is kept to a minimum and patients are allowed to feel that they have a clear understanding of what they need to do in order to recover.

Patients should be encouraged to ask questions throughout the appointment so that they can maintain a proper understanding of their treatment options as well as the things that they need to avoid doing in order to stay healthy. Medical professionals must be willing to take the time to consider the emotional state of the patients before providing difficult information.

Clarification And Repetition

Even though it may be difficult for the medical professional, consistent repetition will be necessary in order to present information properly. Further more clarification of language utilized will also be necessary so that the patient feels they have a clear understanding of their options and their responsibilities in their recovery process. Many times people will try to modify what has been sent to make things more comfortable for themselves. Sensitivity must be utilized in order to factory in a person’s mental state while giving them accurate medical information.


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