Building a Career in PR


Erika Kauffman

As a veteran in the PR game, I wanted to share some insights on how you can help bolster your PR career and take it to the next level. Here are some tips you can use to help build your career in Public Relations.

Develop a High Confidence Level

It is important to build your career in public relations while in college and after graduating to find the best jobs in the industry. Obviously, anyone wanting to work in this job enjoys spending time with other people because that is a vital element of this particular career. Individuals working as a public relations employee must have certain personality traits such as a high confidence level when speaking to groups. In many cases, the public relation expert for a business must talk on radio programs or appear on television to promote a new product or service.

Learn to Remain Calm in Any Situation

Not only must a public relation employee have the ability to talk positively about a service or product, there is often a time when troubleshooting is necessary to avoid bad publicity. Some of the bad situations that can occur that require a public relation employee’s expertise include scandals involving clients such as criminal activity or a dangerous product that has caused an injury due to faulty manufacture. A public relation employee must react quickly in any situation while remaining calm and selecting the correct thing to say to resolve the problem.

Learn to Speak in Public

Learning to be a spokesperson for either an individual or business requires practice by taking speech and personal communication classes while in college. After graduating, it is a good idea to join a group that practices speaking in public in various venues to continue building confidence. Anyone interested in a public relations career should join many clubs and activities to gain a public presence that leads to a large network of acquaintances. While meeting others, it is important to make a personal connection by remembering their name and interests, leading to having a reputation for caring about others.

Understand the Intricacies of Various Industries

Students studying public relations or recent graduates may want to specialize in a particular area such as working in the food or finance industry. If someone wants to work in a specific area of public relations, then they also need to understand the intricacies of the field by learning how to properly sample wine or read a financial spreadsheet. Each type of industry has its own language or jargon that is used to talk about services or products that a public relation employee must know to fit in at business meetings.


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