Getting out of your Store and Into the Neighborhood with Local PR



So you’ve cleaned your store up, given the frontage a new look, changed the design of your sign and even updated your prices to reflect those of your local competitors. A couple of weeks go by and business is still slow. This is when questions start to creep into your head about further reducing prices to get people in the door. Price reduction, however, is not the answer you’re looking for.

In today’s local business climate, a smart, efficient and lean marketing campaign is essential, and using local PR combined with community outreach can provide huge return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Get Out of Your Store and Into the Neighborhood

If there isn’t anything you can do at your store, get out and mingle with people in your community. Get to know your neighbors.

A great, low cost way of spreading the word about your business is to seek out a local event, such as a little league baseball game, and offer free refreshments and snacks to everyone. Making branded cups and napkins with your company name is simple and affordable, and you’ll be able to personally speak to people in your community. This is also a great way to show the local community that you support local activities for children.

Local schools always need help with fundraising or holding various events for students throughout the year. Visit the principal to see if there is any way your business can help out.

Combining Outreach With Good PR

Positive public relations is important in any business, and generating a large amount of publicity is easy by supporting a local cause.

Similar to reaching out to a local school, find a local advocacy group in your town. Whether they support raising money for school improvement or to help start a music or sports program for teenagers, you must make sure it’s a good charity match for your business.

Once you’ve found a group to partner with, hold a fundraiser or charity drive at your business asking for donations to help support the cause. Pick a Saturday or Sunday and heavily promote the event in your neighborhood via flyers and word-of-mouth advertising to generate buzz.

On the day of the event, inform customers that you’re offering a discount on items in your store, and that a percentage of the proceeds will go towards the charity you’re sponsoring.

The combination of outreach done to various charitable groups with the positive PR you’ll receive from making a significant donation to their cause will help you standout and provide a huge return on investment for your marketing campaign.


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