How to Leverage YouTube in the Travel Industry



Promoting a travel company brand online with the use of YouTube is one of the best ways to take advantage of social media when generating buzz and gaining clients for your business. When you have a travel company that needs new promotional methods, utilizing YouTube is ideal.

How Your Travel Company Can Utilize YouTube to Generate Buzz and Gain Clients

Knowing how to go about building a brand and sharing content properly is a way to quickly get the clients you need to take your travel company’s success to the next level.

Create a Brand for Your Travel Company

Creating a brand for your travel company is one way to get started with generating buzz and followers along with potential clients on YouTube. Be sure to upload a logo image for your YouTube photo that is relevant to your brand or that is its official logo on your official website. Keeping imagery and colors for all pages and content is a way for you to quickly build a brand for any type of company, including a travel business. Maintaining your brand’s image is also possible by implementing your logo and URL within the videos you upload and share via YouTube with all of your online followers, subscribers and potential clients who are interested in your travel services or packages.

Remain Authentic Yet Enthusiastic

Whenever you have new promotions you want to share be sure to do so with an authentic voice to keep your followers and potential clients interested. Avoid sounding “too corporate”, or disconnected from those who are following you online with YouTube and other forms of social media.

Avoid Using Cheesy Promotional Videos

Avoid using cheesy or corny promotional advertisements and videos when uploading new content to YouTube to share with viewers from around the world internationally. When you create new videos, be sure to do so with an authentic voice and with actors who are believable and understanding to the message you want to get across. Using “over the top” videos can often attract plenty of attention, although it may be negative and negatively impact your business and how it is viewed by clients.

Implement Tags and Keywords Properly

Using tags and keywords properly with YouTube is also a must when you want to generate buzz and gain clients online. Knowing how to implement tags and keywords is possible by researching the market you want to reach along with the demographic you are interested in appealing to with your brand. Adding keywords and tags is possible when uploading your video. The more you know about the top keywords in the travel market at any given time you are creating new content, the easier it is to remain relevant online.

The more you know about using YouTube to promote a new brand or travel company the easier it is to reach any audience or demographic you have in mind. Using YouTube’s keyword tools and keeping an authentic voice is a way to reach any audience whether you are sell travel packages for businesses or those looking to relax on a beautiful getaway vacation.

Erika Kauffman is a Partner and General Manager at New York based Public Relations firm 5WPR.


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