Driving B2B Sales with a Social Media Strategy



Business-to-business is a special type of transaction that can be helped by certain social media strategies. Below are a few of the ways That You Can drive business-to-business sales using social media.

Identify the Right Social Media Platforms

Depending on your industry, you may have niche social media sites that you can use in order to connect yourself with businesses that are in need of your products or services. No matter what industry you are in, LinkedIn and Facebook are two platforms that can be used to connect yourself easily with people who will purchase from you.

There are also many social media platforms to be used that the average businessperson would not think of. Pinterest is an incredibly important social media platform that is especially important for the business-to-business industry. Twitter is perhaps the number one social media app on the planet at the time of writing of this article. If you find that Twitter is a bit beyond you, a good alternative is Pheed.

Focus Advertising on Other Businesses

Both of the above named large social platforms have the ability to target specific types of businesses. You can do so with a number of tools, including pictures and multimedia. Take advantage of these content management tools in order to bring a cohesive yet attractive package to your potential customers without overwhelming them with too much information. One of the main advantages of these large social platforms is that you can make content quite entertaining.

You must also focus advertising of your business on companies that are within your vertical product line. Large social networks make these companies incredibly easy to find because of their search mechanisms and tags. You will be able to get into contact with small, local businesses that you would otherwise have a great deal of trouble finding.


Although you now have the potential to reach businesses across the world, the best way to go about increasing your business-to-business sales is to localize.

People like to do business with companies that they can put their hands on. Use the social networks to find companies that are around you so that you can create relationships that you can build on internationally. As a matter of fact, trying to branch out to early will get you barred from many of the more advanced features of the social networks. Companies that are separated from you will view your advertising attempts as spam and get you kicked off of the network.


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