Why Online PR is Essential to Digital and Real-World Success



The Internet has revolutionized more than just how we obtain the latest news. It’s allowed us to purchase products and services online, to research countless things, and to interact with even the most distant people. For business, it’s revolutionized the way that public relations has to be conducted. No longer is it about just donating to charities, nor is it about just ensuring the odd complaint here or there gets corrected.

You need to create web pages that establish you as an authority, ensure that search engine users can find then, manage your reputation online with things like press releases and online news stories, and to publish content about your products, services and company itself.

Through this article, we’ll explore the various processes that come together to form the perfect plan for public relations in a world where digital marketing is key to both online and offline PR success.

The Formula for PR Success

The interesting thing about online public relations is that there are countless ways that you can interact with your customers. You can do everything from becoming a content author to actively working to ensure customers with a positive experience make equally positive reviews about your business in places other potential customers will find.

Though the range of things you can perform can be wide and varied, the typical online PR plan can be broken down into a very simple formula:

Search Engine Optimization + Online Reputation Management + Content Marketing = PR

Each part of this formula hinges upon making information available to the demographics that would be your customers while establishing your company as an authority in your respective field. This fosters trust with your potential customers, which in turn provides benefits that are the same as those provided by traditional offline public relations.

Why Do Digital Marketing Strategies Affect the Offline World?

Understanding why digital marketing affects the offline world in ways that mirror traditional PR tactics can be made simple if you view everything published online as simple information. The only special interaction may be those you see on social media, but that is still analogous to word of mouth with how closely so many people tie themselves to social networking.

When you or someone else spreads information about your business, your products and your services, someone will inevitably read them. This will cause them to realize online information as fact, which then translate into the real world just like traditional PR management would.

This makes online PR analogous to PR in general. The only thing you need to understand is that the Internet acts much like a more thorough “word of mouth”, which in turn makes it vital to ensuring your business succeeds.


4 thoughts on “Why Online PR is Essential to Digital and Real-World Success

  1. eliselima

    You make thought-provoking points about the offline effect of marketing strategies. I think you are right to say that online PR is analogous to general PR in the ways you mentioned.

    I currently have a small pizza business as a client for a college public relations course. This business does not make enough use of online PR. I might mention these similarities of online and traditional PR as an argument for the use of online PR tactics.

  2. claird91

    I really enjoyed this blog post. I’m still a student so it’s nice to read blogs like this and learn the importance of things in the PR world from a PR professional. This blog just made me realize how important your online image is and how you can best use the internet to help you in PR and marketing. Thanks for sharing.

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