2014 PR News Agency Elite Awards: Marketing to Women Category Winner


Another year has passed and another group of distinguished marketing and public relations firms have been awarded the PR News Agency Elite Award. Though the winners in every category are at the top of their field, this years winner in the Marketing to Women category stands out. 

marketing-womenCongratulations to 5W Public Relations, the 2014 Marketing to Women category winner! 5W is an innovator, presenting strategies that are fresh and that place a premium on creativity, which is critical to a firm that specializes in marketing to women.

Regardless of what a PR firm does, nothing says more about a firm’s successful strategy than its client’s success and praise for the campaign. 5W created a campaign for Rowenta Beauty, which is a European brand making the transition to U.S. markets

For the campaign, 5W used all of the classic tools, but stood out with the passion they showed in the execution. Most notably, they secured celebrity stylist Josue Perez and showed a strong presence at 2013’s Mercedes Benz fashion week, where they worked the backstage crowd with Rowenta Beauty products used by the models in the show. During the show, 5W made their presence unmissable. Anywhere a visitor or participant looked, 5W was there to showcase Rowenta’s product line.

5W ensured a strong connection with the writers, editors and other big names in the beauty and fashion scene by arranging meetings with big influencers to showcase Rowenta’s offerings, as well as how Rowenta could be integrated into the respective publications. One of the more successful mixers was the Breakfast and Blowouts event. This event brought 30 of the most influential editors in the fashion industry and provided them with breakfast while Rowenda stylists went to work on their hair.

Before the 5W foot-soldiers were working the fashion week floor, the social media unit was setting the buzz in motion. One notable social strategy was the “Shares the Love” campaign, which provided one winner with a trip to NYC’s Fashion Week. This alone fostered more than 6000 new Facebook followers. In addition, it earned Rowenda prominent mention in print and online publications such as Harpers Bazaar and the Huffington Post.


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