Finding the Perfect Equilibrium: Work-Life Balance



Are you a workaholic? Either you’re working too hard, too much, or for too long, regardless if it’s a home-based business or office workplace setting. Work is important to support your needs financially as well as maintain a productive routine. However, excessive amounts of it can be detrimental to your health and overall quality of life. Social life dies and you get the fun sucked out of you. Wrinkles start showing up on your face, bones get brittle from too much pressure, and you rarely get to spend time with loved ones. If your life is like this everyday, tip the balance by using these simple tips and techniques.

Find Personal Balance

There is no one good answer or ruler to measure work-life balance of an individual. You have to find your own equilibrium by identifying priorities, making plans, and adjusting accordingly whenever unforeseen events come your way. Do not let anyone influence you on what you should be doing or what you should not be doing.

Take a Break

You may feel like you have to do every chore in the house or every task at work. If you feel resentful while doing all the work that needs to be done, you are most likely a martyr, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But practicing martyrdom too often can become addictive and drains you physically and mentally. It is also responsible for increasing your stress levels. Take a break from martyrdom and be selfish once in a while.

Don’t Aim For Perfection

Good enough is better than perfect since you can consistently do activities in good enough fashion. Being perfect every single time, however, is something you cannot consistently perform. If you attempt to produce perfect results all the time, you’ll end up draining yourself again.

Don’t Panic

Balancing work responsibilities and social life requires a calm and collected mindset. Panicking does nothing to help reach the ultimate goal. Instead, it prevents you from doing work assignments efficiently and disables you from having fun when with family or friends. Loosen your thoughts and cultivate a carefree attitude.

Balancing your work and life responsibilities will allow you to perform optimally on both fields. Work will keep your wallet healthy and your career growing and social life will nourish your mental and psychological bearings.


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