How to Amplify your Press Release



Press releases are an essential part of any marketing strategy; however, they have definitely lost their edge in the age of the Internet without proper amplification. In short, you must market your press release or risk it getting lost in the sea of press releases that come out every day. Below are a few ways that you can amplify your press release so that it will be taken seriously by top players in your industry.

First, make sure that your press releases contain some kind of multimedia, at least on the digital platforms.

Just as with content that is indexed by the search engines, having multimedia content is a great way to separate yourself from the majority of people still using text-only press releases. After all, videos and pictures are just more fun as well. They also allow you to incorporate humor and timing into your press releases, further branding your company with a personality as well as your product or service.

Second, although you have more opportunity than ever to go global by sending press releases out on the Internet, your company should definitely focus on your local market first.

In the rush to become a globalized company, many businesses actually neglect their core audiences by missing the smaller local publications that will actually care about their press release the most. Be sure that you prioritize these local news sources. A story about your company from a reputable local news source may actually do more to spread the word about your business globally than your press release because there is no conflict of interest from a neutral source.

As an aside to this tip, you can also use any extra advertising dollars that you have towards creating some editorial coverage of your campaign as well. This must be approached carefully; however, it is a great way to amplify your press release. This editorial coverage also has a much better chance of going viral online, especially if it is from a trusted source.

Lastly, be sure that your press release is connected to your social media accounts so that your current customer base can help you spread the word. Take the best parts of your press release and put them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Do not forget your Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts as well. They are much better at spreading the word than the larger social networks because they have yet to switch to the pay to play model.


3 thoughts on “How to Amplify your Press Release

  1. gdallecarbonare

    Being a student going through the process of not knowing what I want to do specifically with my career in the PR world, this was very enlightening blog post! Seeing all the different aspects of making sure you meet the needs of your target market first then going to a bigger watering hole, so to speak, was nice to see that sometimes you might bite off more than you can chew. Also, how you make a point to give a tip about getting the most bang for your buck is ideal in todays business market, because we all know we are all counting our pennies and dimes.

  2. aarmstrong14

    Thank you for these tips about press releases! I am a public relations student at Indiana State University and we are getting ready to learn about press releases in my public relations course. Our teacher really emphasizes the importance of social media as well, so these will really help me in the future.

  3. eliselima

    I particularly took note of the first tip you mentioned. I worked as a media intern for a small children’s museum last summer, and my job was to write the textual content of the organization’s press releases. Occasionally, my boss would insert photos if we had them on hand before publishing the release. But looking back on that work, I bet the press releases would have really benefited from either more and higher quality photos or videos.

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