Succeed in PR/Marketing in 2015 without Solid Footing



No matter what you are trying to sell, there’s some element of marketing and public relations that you must undertake in order to be successful. In 2015, there are ways to do this without having to have the connections that were required in previous business generations. The Internet has created a more wide-open landscape for all businesses, from the most established enterprise or the newest startup. Although the rules are becoming more solidified, there is still a great deal of ability for movement with a knowledge of marketing and public relations.

Using the Internet to Succeed in Marketing in 2015

Although having a LinkedIn account that is connected to taste makers in your industry is certainly in bags, it is not necessary to succeed in public relations or marketing. Anyone can create relationships with important taste makers without having any previous association with them. All that is truly necessary is great content and the ability to provide value for those people in return.

Content marketing is more important than ever. In the modern business landscape, a good writer with no previous connections in marketing or public relations has just as much leverage as an established enterprise level executive. As a matter of fact, the new content provider may actually have more because of their decreased overhead.

Having a Perspective

One of the main advantages of startups within an industry is the ability to bring a new perspective. Websites that have an audience that will purchase the products of a startup also have a need for a constant updating of their perspective on their industries. If you are at the forefront of a new and exciting breakthrough in the industry, you can leverage this information for lower advertising rates, free marketing and of course relationship development PR that will endear you to the audience of the webmaster more quickly.

What is especially important is to invoke a tangible personality into an informational session. The Internet today responds to people with the ability to personalize their viewpoint. Many companies have actually found that a bit of overt dramatization can go a long way in helping to create a niche for a business. Some even hire actors to present certain viewpoints.

The number one reason that new businesses are succeeding in the modern business landscape is the ability to think outside the box. Nothing is off limits; keep this in mind, and you can certainly succeed in marketing and PR in 2015 without a solid footing in business.


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