Finding an Entry Level Public Relations Job


entry-level-prEntry Level Public Relations

The most important issue with finding an entry level public relations job is image. If the image entry level public relations job seekers present is one lacking experience, finding a high paying public relations job becomes more difficult. Experience doesn’t have to mean long-term experience in business. Public relations careers begin with continuous examples of ambition and initiative that start in college. This is the foundation for the first step up the public relations career ladder.

Entry Level Doesn’t Mean No Experience

Public relations jobs encompass a huge pool of opportunities. Many start from humble beginnings as college news reporters. This career also includes management of publicity and entry level celebrities.

Today, public relations are found online or off, depending on the clients. Finding an entry level public relations job means finding the right clients. Start locally. Can your local library or museum use a little help with publicity? This is how public relations job seekers make contacts with the media.

Every contact name in local business, municipal or educational disciplines should be added to a public relations portfolio. There are also local civic groups and organizations who frequently hire entry level public relations assistants.

Is there a local artist, musician or dancer who might need a publicist? Since the scope of public relations jobs is so broad, managing publicity, creating media interviews and maintaining a steady stream of information creates the potential for solid career advancement.

Creating Public Relations Image for Business

If formal businesses are the target for a public relations career, the entry level public relations job will require some proof of prior public relations work. These jobs invariably include excellent writing, speaking and promotional skills. Thus, a public relations career combines sales and marketing skills and self-confident speaking and above average writing skills. Look for entry level public relations jobs in the smaller pool at the bottom.

Public relations reputations are built on continuous experience. It’s better to start with a smaller business and create a proven track record of success, before moving on to a huge corporation. Create a public relations image based on prior successes that will improve reputation among top public relations figures.

Entry level job seekers need to review their aptitude for communication online and off. This is a clue to finding an entry level public relations job. Public relations jobs are really about communicating the right message.


2 thoughts on “Finding an Entry Level Public Relations Job

  1. jtribbett1

    This article was very helpful. I am a student majoring in Public Relations and I am trying to build my image now. Experience does have to start from college with internships and helping local businesses to exercise your skills. I am currently a sophomore and I have a great PR teacher who is helping us build our image and teaching us how to define our brand. I think it is great to start this early in my college career and your post just reaffirmed my beliefs. Thank you!

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