The Guide to: Real Estate PR & Marketing Strategies


real-estate-public-relationsAs a real estate agent, you know just how competitive your industry can be. If you want to be able to sell properties, then you need to expand your sphere of influence and get your listings out to as many people as possible. Public relations and marketing are two areas that require consistent focus from a successful real estate agent. You can use the latest technology to improve your marketing efforts and keep your name on the public’s mind at all times.

Utilizing new technology to enhance your marketing position and Real Estate PR image has benefits and challenges. The primary benefit is that you will be able to reach a lot of people quickly. The challenge often comes in understanding the technology and how it works. Before you get involved in a marketing idea or PR event, always understand what you are getting involved in and what effects it can have on your business.

Public Relations & Marketing for Real Estate

Create A Blog With Local Interest Stories

A well-written blog can be a PR tool and a marketing benefit as well. Use your blog to support and promote local causes and point out people who contribute to the community. This will get the public to support your blog and offer you free exposure that can prove to be quite valuable.

Use Mobile Marketing

Email marketing is rapidly getting replaced by mobile marketing that reaches out to smartphones and tablets. More people read mobile marketing messages than marketing emails, which is why you have to get involved in this effective marketing tactic. Work with a mobile marketing firm that deals only in recipients who opt-in to receiving marketing messages to preserve your reputation. You can also start your own mobile marketing contact list using your blog and your website.

Use Video Sharing Websites

Many real estate agents use videos of the properties they represent as regular marketing tools. But you can enhance the effectiveness of those videos by featuring them on your own channel on a video sharing website. Not everyone will want to see your videos on your real estate website, but they may feel more comfortable checking them out on a popular video sharing website.

Get Involved In Real Estate-Based Charitable Events

If there is a group in your area that builds low income housing for needy families, then get involved immediately. If such a group does not exist in your area, then consider starting one. Not only will you be helping the less fortunate, but you will be getting appropriate and positive PR for your real estate agency.

Marketing and PR efforts by a real estate agent can be extremely effective when used properly. When you expand your marketing influence beyond your immediate area using the Internet and other technology, then you can start to take on clients who plan on moving into your area and will need to purchase a home. There are several effective resources you can use to expand the influence of your real estate business and improve its public image. Take advantage of those opportunities and increase your annual sales.


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