Public Relations Strategies vs. Tactics


tactics-vs-strategyWhen it comes to company public relations, you first need to set goals. Perhaps your goals involve the amount of stories about your company shared on social media. Perhaps they involve the amount of stories published on news sites by professional journalists. Whether you hope to accomplish these or other business endeavors entirely, this goal is called your objective.

PR Tactic versus PR Strategy

To reach your objective, you have to come up with strategies. Strategies are ideas about how to handle public relations. Next you have to employ tactics. Tactics are your company’s direct actions.

Media Strategies

For an effective media strategy, you need to draw attention to your business. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by using current events. For example, different holidays such as Valentines Day and Halloween can cause all kinds of buzz in the media.  So can developing news stories about natural disasters.

Other Strategies

You can use PR outside of the media, strange as it may seem. Getting other companies or celebrities to endorse your product or service is one of the best ways to do so. You can also get the community involved. Strategies like emotional involvement count too. If your company has a powerful emotional hold over people, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Media Tactics

Now that you have your media strategies, you need to use tactics to employ those strategies to the greatest effect. First off, you should schedule press releases.  At first your business might aim to have a press release every month, but with expansions and a good PR team, this might even be narrowed to once a week or so. You can also create promotions for people on different holidays. Student discounts  on back-to-school supplies,discounts to veterans on Veterans Day, and sales on candy for Valentines Day are all examples of this.

You can get different media outlets to broadcast about your business by using social media to post opinions on different news developments. Twitter in particular is great for real time, whereas blogging sites like Tumblr create a good place for more in-depth information.

Other PR Tactics

Sometimes businesses will organize events to bring attention to different subjects. For example, a business might have a charity event to benefit the homeless. This would garner positive attention from both the community and the media.

Grand openings and sales can also be great PR tactics. You should make it clear to the community that you are here to stay.

If you create additional materials to back up your political viewpoints – posters, brochures, videos, and blog posts – and distribute them via the local community and the internet, you are using a PR tactic. You can hire a PR team to create these materials, or do it yourself.

If you as a CEO have something in the world that you want to change, you can bring your business behind it. Circulating petitions and information will garner attention and traffic to your site, as well as expanding your clientele. And who knows…you might change the world exactly how you want to.


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