How Aveda Changed The Game For Beauty Companies Online



When people think of luxury haircare, they oftentimes first think of Aveda. An upscale brand under the powerful Estee Lauder cosmetics umbrella, Aveda is both a haircare product company and a leading force in the salon and spa world. While Aveda has dominated in salon and physical store sales, it also paved the path for luxury beauty brands in the online market. Here are some of the ways that Aveda paved the way in the e-commerce game.

First Luxury Haircare Brand To Enter The E-Commerce Game

Aveda truly was the major beauty brand that launched the online beauty industry. While other haircare brands had launched online storefronts during the beginning of the e-commerce boom, no major luxury brand had entered the market. Aveda was the first one to feature their products online for sale.

This was revolutionary for many reasons. Besides being able to boast that they were the first high-end brand with online availability, Aveda enabled people in rural areas or those who didn’t have access to an Aveda salon to purchase their products. This gave Aveda the distinction of being a luxury brand, but a luxury brand that was without limits and available to anyone.

Changing The Game With Online Reviews

None of the brands under the Estee Lauder umbrella initially offered online reviews when they first entered the e-commerce market. However, Aveda took the bold step of allowing their customers to review individual products on their website. This demonstrated that Aveda was confident in its product, in addition to demonstrating an eagerness to be transparent with their customers. The decision to allow reviews has paid off, as Aveda has established themselves in the online marketplace as a brand that consumers can trust.

Continuing Online Presence

Today, Aveda has established itself in the online market. They have continued their online marketing efforts, capitalizing on social media opportunities to reach their consumers directly. Aveda maintains an active Facebook and Twitter page, in addition to uploading content to YouTube. To encourage new customer business, Aveda takes advantage of online promo codes and deluxe samples offered with online orders.

Aveda continues to enjoy success, both in in-person and online business. This is a company that never fails to take advantage of online opportunities and that communicates openly with their customers online. As new media continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how Aveda uses new digital opportunities to promote and sell their brand.


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