Product Endorsements: How to Get Your Product to a Celebrity?


celebrity-product-endorsementIf you have a product to sell, having a celebrity use or endorse it is marketing gold. You don’t even need a celebrity to endorse or promote the product to be useful as a marketing tool. All you need is a picture of them holding, using or wearing a product and it is likely to go viral when posted online. That’s all well and good, but how do you get your product in their hands? Well, it doesn’t hurt to know a celebrity, or know someone who knows a celebrity, or know someone who knows someone, etc. Baring such intimate connections, what can you do?

Here are actionable tips on how to get celebrity product integration for your brand!

Talk It UpGet online and find the celebrity’s social media pages and chat with them. Mention your product and let them know how it will help them out, be fun to have, look great or is in line with their favorite causes. Then offer to send them a free product and hope they are as excited to get it as you are to send it.

Send a Gift

You can simply send your product to chosen celebrities. However, most of the things received in the mail end up in a pile somewhere in storage or the corner of an office. The best way to send blind gifts to celebrities is to find those that would most likely be interested in what you have to offer. Then package the item attractively, draw up a professional letter offering your product to them and hope they see the benefit of having it with them when they go out and are seen in public.

In some cases you will be able to find the celebrities direct address, but in most cases you will be sending to their office. Make sure you include samples for the people in the office so they are likely to move the package along to its desired destination. If they don’t have their own office, write to their manager or publicist. The same rules of generosity apply when approaching handlers. The big trick with this method is getting proof that the celebrity used your product. If you’re lucky some paparazzi somewhere will take a chance shot that happens to show your gift in the possession of the celebrity. You can always ask for a picture with the product, but many celebrities will be a little less excited about the gift if they know it is being used for outright marketing manipulation. If all else fails you may have to camp out on the street yourself to get that treasured shot.

Get to Know the Surroundings

Instead of approaching the celebrities themselves, get to know the people around them. Celebrities are always getting free gifts from every direction, and much of it ends up ignored, but they are always open to suggestions from their hair stylists, clothing stylists, personal shoppers and assistants. If you make contact with the people that work with the celebrity give the contact person a free item for themselves and one for their boss.

When getting in by getting to know the people around a celebrity, be prepared to be extra generous. Giving out samples of your products to all of the people in the celebrities sphere such as at salons they go, in their offices or to their entourage will raise the chances the person of interest will see the items and want to know what it is. Combined, all of these tactics are great Public Relations Strategies for getting your product into an influencer’s hands!


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