Beauty Public Relations: Pantene Sorry Advertisement


pantene-sorry-adIn today’s world, women are experiencing more empowerment than ever before. With females taking top jobs at major corporations, like Facebook and Yahoo!, we have reached a point where, on the surface, gender barriers are a thing of the past. However, key differences remain in the ways that men and women communicate (and likely, always will) and some of them may be to the detriment of powerful women everywhere, making it important to continue to promote strong women and ensure that we continue to motivate the next generation of women to break down barriers even further . As a recent Pantene ad points out, Many women find that they have the tendency to apologize even when it is not necessary. Pantene has brought this often overlooked fact to light in a new commercial through a Beauty Public Relations campaign.. The ad features various women apologizing for insignificant things such as for asking a question and for accidentally interrupting someone.

The commercial then shifts gears and features the same women in the same scenarios but reacting in a new, more confident way. Whether in the workplace, at home, or hanging out with friends, women have the chance to be more assertive and have their thoughts or actions acknowledged without feeling the need to feel as though they are inconveniencing anyone.

Matter of the Mind

To an extent, women have the tendency to engage in this inadvertent behavior due to the chemistry of the brain. In women, the connectivity between the left and right sides of the brain is higher, and this causes them to have an increased perception of the feelings of others. As a result, many women automatically apologize, even for things that are quite unnecessary.

The trouble is that this goes largely unnoticed, and Pantene is attempting to make women more aware of the fact that they likely are doing this throughout the day. The significant difference made simply by eliminating the unnecessary apology shows women everywhere how much more powerfully they can present themselves simply by making note of this behavior.

Empowerment of Women

This is not the first campaign launched by Pantene to empower women and eliminate the stereotypes that often emerge in the workplace with their latest PR Campaign
. Combined with last year’s “Labels Against Women”, the new “Shine Strong” plans to issue grants to women as well as provide them with access to influential leaders to help them expand their horizons and exert the power they have within. The ad is designed to make women realize that even small things that they likely did not even realize they did can make a huge impact on how they are perceived, and these small changes can make a difference in how they are able to use their potential to make the most out of their lives.


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