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Every business must have a solid PR presence in this day and age where a crisis or opportunity could present itself at any time. Larger businesses who have put much into delivering quality services must have a good PR strategy to support their efforts.

Here are some valuable PR tips for your business from Erika Kauffman

Engage in social monitoring regularly

In order to stay on top of trends and consumer behaviors, your brand must engage in what is called social monitoring or listening. You need a social media monitoring plan on in place to detect changes in consumer behaviors. You can be prepared to respond to your competitors when engaging in social monitoring. At the least, you ought to be tuned in to major relevant conversations. In addition to tuning into a conversation, you can also have access to reporting and other analytics.

Develop a crisis response management plan

A crisis is never planned but that doesn’t mean a business can prepare for a crisis. Crises can come in different varieties. A crisis can have a ripple effect; one minor issue can affect consumer behavior, conversations and brand perception. A crisis PR scenario can have quite an impact on your brand for years to come. Consider developing a crisis plan that takes into consideration any scenario your brand might be facing. Senior management, legal and communications team members should all participate in a conversation. Consistency, solidarity and clarity are all the cornerstones of a strong crisis management plan.

Have a basic PR plan

Each year, a business should have some sort of plan in place that will help them gain the visibility in media they desire. Mapping out clear cut goals and strategies in addition to performing an initial assessment are all necessary in formulating a plan. It is best to break down these objectives into quarterly milestones. It’s important to have a basis for comparison, so reviewing last year’s activities are necessary. Consider the messages your business is trying to convey. All forms of communication shouldbe developed to that end.


public relations tips

Monitor and watch your competitors

Media monitoring not only involves watching how your brand is discussed out in the open but it requires watching your competitors. You can measure your progress against your competitors. You should be prepared to review in detail what’s being said about your competitor and follow their activities through active monitoring.

When a business gets to a certain size, it should have a formal strategy in place. Neglecting the brand’s reputation and failing to take advantage of specific opportunities to elevate the brand can have negative consequences for the brand.



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