Google’s Latest Logo Change – Branding Public Relations


Google routinely rolls out special logos to celebrate holidays or notable achievements throughout history. These special logos, usually viewable for one day only, often contain links to special celebratory games such as crosswords or hangman puzzles. However, not all of Google’s logo changes are for just one day or are meant as celebrations. This is a perfect lesson in Branding Public Relations.

Although Google didn’t publicize this change as they have for many in the past, some savvy Reddit users noticed a slight difference in the famous search engine’s logo. The minute change occurred over the long Memorial Holiday weekend.

The change was not meant to be a huge departure from their famous and instantly recognizable logo. A spokesperson for the company claimed Google had simply “Tweaked the logo a little while ago to make sure it looks its sharpest regardless of your screen resolution.”

And a tiny tweak it was. The change was made in house by staffers at Google who decided that the logo letter’s placement could be a little more universally appealing. Anyone looking at the logo recently and comparing it to their memory of the logo before memorial day shouldn’t feel too terrible if they can’t spot the difference. The letters have only been shifted a tiny bit to the right in order to make the logo more visually appealing regardless of the screen size or resolution of the viewing user.


google change

Specifically, the lowercase g has been shifted to the right just one pixel, and the l has been moved one pixel to the right and one pixel down. To the trained eye, the new placement is slightly cleaner and the letters are all more centered on a small screen. This shift might seem insignificant, but it is a very smart move in this day of small screen internet searching to have a logo that fits comfortably and appealingly in the center of a phone or tablet.


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