McDonald’s: A Minimalist Approach


Minimalism Branding PROnce the classic American restaurant, McDonald’s has been suffering from a decline in sales and a decrease in popularity for years now – causing Mickey D’s to be in serious need – for a new Branding Strategy. Like most faltering companies, McDonald’s has decided to try something new with their Brand PR. They need something to draw in customers, something that gets their attention. One of the largest most recognizable food companies in the world is deciding to tone it down for once. McDonald’s will be experimenting with a minimalist advertising campaign to reinvent the 70 year old restaurant.

Minimalism is just like it sounds, it is simple and straightforward. There is no visual clutter or mess. Minimalism first began as an art form that became popular in the United States in the 1960’s. The focus became more about geometric shapes and lines instead of more complex scenery. The minimalist art form was short lived but ad agencies began using this approach to stand out. Most companies tend to go with an in your face approach that can be overwhelming or visually confusing. It draws away from the product or company. Companies that are popular enough to brand themselves by a single phrase or picture use minimalism to their advantage. Corporations such as Apple and Starbucks took advantage of being simple yet still highly recognizable. Apple has an apple with a bite taken out of it and Starbucks has a long haired mermaid on all of their coffee cups and in their ads as well. They both have brand recognition among the masses. McDonald’s already has a simple icon to use as their brand recognition: the Golden Arches.

Public Relations Rebranding

McDonald’s has launched their new minimalist ad campaign in France. The ads feature six of their trademark items simply illustrated against a white background. The Big Mac, a cheeseburger, fries, a chocolate sundae, chicken nuggets and a Filet-o-Fish are the featured products. McDonald’s name itself is not on the ad but there is a tiny trademarked Golden Arch next to the item so you know whose ad it is. The ads have been described as classic, artistic, and beautiful. It is a much different approach then in the past but with the evolving times it was time for them to try something new. Not every company can be successful using a minimalism ad strategy. Companies need to be well known, established, influential and have a great Public Relations Strategy. McDonald’s has all these qualities and more. The full campaign will launch June 2nd.


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