Successful Brand Marketing at SXSW Interactive


SXSW Brand Marketing

The March 2016 SXSW Interactive event was host to tens of thousands of participants – either in person or online. SXSW (South by Southwest) is held in Austin, Texas held annually during March. It began in 1987 and has grown every year to become what it currently is – a set of conferences, music festivals, interactive media, and film. In total, it lasts nine days though not all of those four areas happen for the full nine days.

In 2014, the music festival part featured more than 2000 acts and had as many as 51K registrants. The film part welcomes all levels of filmmakers and is five days of conference panels, workshops, mentor sessions, and more. In 2015, the film section held over 250 sessions and featured 735 speakers. The interactive section is focused on emerging tech. Groundbreaking ideas and creative tech are credited as having its beginning at SXSW Interactive. That part has a start-up generator, conferences, speakers, parties, and a trade show of new or updated tech offerings. Continue reading


5 Things Brands Should Know About Social Advertising


Social advertising can refer to a number of things, varying from advertising to effect social change, to using demographic information for tailoring campaigns. In this article, social advertising refers to advertising on social platforms, specifically social media. With this in mind, here are five things a brand needs to know about social advertising that could boost their campaign. Continue reading

Corporate PR: Is Krispy Kreme Purchase a Sweet Deal?


krispy kreme public relations

In the world of big business acquisitions, has there ever been one as hot and fresh as this? In a $1.35 billion dollar deal, JAB Holding is buying Krispy Kreme.

According to CNN, Krispy Kreme will emerge from the deal as a private company and keep its corporate headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC. This is certainly good news for the company, as sales have been slipping in recent years. Customers just aren’t buying as many prepackaged boxes in grocery stores, and that’s led to falling sales across the board. Continue reading

Uber gets a big media boost


uber public relations - 5W PR

After year after year of lawsuits, strikes and legal attacks on its business model, Uber could use some good press. Now it has a partner who knows all about getting that done on a massive scale. Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington is the newest member of Uber’s board of directors.

Huffington was brought on board for a very specific purpose: to bring more emotional intelligence to the brand and help it do a better job of connecting with customers and potential clients. Continue reading

Engineering a Viral PR Campaign


viral content

A lot of people believe having content go viral is a fluke, just a one-off thing that happens and can’t be controlled. Though it is true for some viral content, it is also true there is common ground among most viral content and making certain any PR campaign with the goal of going viral checks all the boxes is the best way to guarantee a viral outcome. Continue reading

Common Services Provided by PR Firms


public relations services

Business people all around the world rely on public relations experts to wave their PR wand and grant them more customers and create visibility for their brand. This isn’t quite how it works, but PR experts do provide a myriad of services, helping clients meet these goals. Services differ across firms, but they involve reputation management, social media, public affairs, executive training, event planning, and marketing. Continue reading

Media Impressions: Beyond Traditional PR


media impressions

While Public Relations is an important part of any medium or large business, the field is rapidly changing in the age of the internet. In the past, the media was composed of a handful to TV networks and major newspapers that controlled the message. A discreetly placed phone call to a top executive in one of these influential channels could turn the tide by promoting more balanced coverage of your clients. You only needed to connect with a handful of the most powerful industry executives. Continue reading

Why is CSR so Important for Companies Today?

Corporate Social Responsibility Business

Corporate social responsibility is a business practice that aims to integrate communal and ecological goals into company operations. Instead of concentrating solely on increasing profits, many companies use the principles of corporate social responsibility to determine how their practices are affecting employees, customers, human rights, the environment, and local communities. The efforts of corporate social responsibility can help companies control costs, improve their corporate brand, attract competent job seekers, and facilitate long-term financial success. Continue reading

The War for Mark Richt Heats Up


Mark Richt College Football Public Relations Marketing

Georgia doesn’t want him, but you can bet someone does. Mark Richt, longtime head coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team, is out of a job. But he’s certainly not out of demand. Richt’s camp says he was contacted regarding at least five high-profile coaching positions, including what may be the most high profile – the University of Miami. Continue reading

Periscope: Six Ways to Use and Leverage Live Video Streaming


Companies Using Periscope

While streaming video and social media sites are nothing new, Periscope has been making waves since its official launch. The seemingly endless marketing and promotional opportunities made possible with an app that allows for live streaming through a mobile device, as well as interaction and discussion with audiences and viewers, has the potential to be a real game changer.

Examining six companies that have already utilized the platform as part of an online marketing campaign may provide your business with a better understanding of the potential role it may play in your effort to build and improve brand recognition.
Continue reading

How and Why: Getting your Product into Holiday Gift Guides


Holiday Gift Guide - 5WPR

How can you pitch your product to holiday magazine editors to get a spot in their annual gift guide? Displaying your products not only can lead to a growth in sales, but it can help spread brand awareness at the same time.

However, as gift guides become fewer in number, so too are the number of available slots offered to products. Not only this, but publications each have their own price points and specific themes, which further narrows the field. Continue reading

Why Consumers WANT Healthy Food and WHY They Will Pay More For It




Keeping with the health trends of the mid-2010s, today’s food manufacturers have recently vowed to keep supermarkets around the country stocked with natural, vitamin-packed selections. As a matter of fact, Euromonitor, the British-based market research company, has estimated that sales of healthy food products around the world should reach $1 trillion as early as 2017. The category is picking up some serious steam after dipping in the market during previous decades, and health-conscious eating is now considered much more than a passing fad. Continue reading